Honestly I’m really happy for the people around me that’s happy and doing good with their lives right now. ♥️ I truly, sincerely am. I just wish this void inside me would be filled with something of my own…and I’m really glad that 2017 is done because it was the year of heartbreak, tears and… Continue reading


{4/12/2017; 3:20am} My heart is filled with so much love and positive vibes tonight.  Yes I’m exhausted, but seeing everyone taking this day to gather and catch up, it really made my day. To actually see everyone enjoying themselves with one another’s presence, nothing was more important to me than that. It’s never ever about… Continue reading

My Passion

PSA!!!! Parents!!! Children!!! [Mental awareness]

“Do you have any idea how selfish you are if you are to think like that? What about your parents? Your family? Your friends? Have you ever thought about them IF you were to ____________* or become _____________**?” 1)Overdose on pills/ Suicidal 2)Jump down/ Suicidal 3)Cutting/ Suicidal 4)Die/ Suicidal Or “Why are you being like… Continue reading PSA!!!! Parents!!! Children!!! [Mental awareness]