Hello There App…

Hello There Applepies ! ❤
Sorry for not been blogging , I was busy going out and stuff so I didn’t have time to bloggggggggg !
Paiseh ah ! Lol!
So here goes !


I was struggling really hard . I wanted to cut myself actually . So many sizes of penknife was arranged infront of me . I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking of you so bad . I missed you hugging me to sleep , I miss kissing you on the forehead before We go to ‘Lalaland’ Together . I miss watching shows with you . I miss literally everything . And I felt mentally painful . So painful that I just wanna feel physical pain instead . But I tolerated every single amount of pain . and I woke up feeling really , really numb . I just couldn’t do anything but just break down and cry , thinking why We’re this way . Then I realized , is I pushed you away because You didn’t care . I didn’t want to push you , but you gave me so  many reasons to . So well ,.. , I did , and I went downhill literally . My feelings , emotions blahblahblah , Everything all went downhill . But it’s okay . I felt better after crying .
I went to meet Yaxian , Liting at bubblek ! But end up some guys were there and We didn’t wanna see them , BUT I wanna get a drink , We went there 😡 Bought a ChocoMint Milktea with Grape Jellyyy and a small cup of Popcorn chix & Left there , Went to slack at Cheng San Library literally the whole timeeeee and They Pei Me till Avenue 8 7-11 there and they left really fast like the wind ~ OH AND LITING BOUGHT ME RAINBOW ICECREAM ! YUM *-* ( Thank you for pei-ing me ^^ ❤ ) and I went home then I went out again to find JiaAn , Slacked awhile and went home again . So yeah . That’s about most of day two , I guess . I think of you so much that I couldn’t fall asleep . AGAIN . Sleep at 7+ I guess ? The next day .


I sent you that message . It was a Goodbye message . Thanks for appearing into my life (:
And you replied Welcome , I woke up awhile to eat Macdonald Breakfast that Mommy bought and saw your message AND Once again ! I couldn’t get back to sleep again because I keep thinking ‘Welcome welcome welcome welcome ‘ It’s in my head till I got a very bad headache . ):

Anyways , Woke up at around 4 plus and went to find Liting , Emily & Yuting again at bubble k ! Lol! Macham we diao there only 😡 The GEEK community . LOLOL :3 I didn’t wanna go cine at first because it was so freaking farrrrrrrrr . Roar . But I went in the end , Enjoyable dayyyyyyy (: They followed me back home and change and lepak in my room . Loooool. Took $$ from daddy and left the house ! I last minute change pants so the $$ and all that I left in my previous pants I forgot to take -_- , End up when We at My house infront the bus stop and I realized I didn’t take them out . -facepalm- AND BECAUSE OF ME , WE MISSED THE BUS . SORWIE :c
and We took a cab there in the end . Reach Cine & Saw Zon & his friends ! Walked around scape awhile and We all Got hungry and left his group awhile and went downstairs and eat . x_x PEPPER LUNCH YUM YUM :B Was pretty down at first because I saw a Doraemon 3D casing that cost 22dollars which I didn’t bring much cash out ): So in the end didn’t bought it .
After eating , We went to walk around Cine & I went to bought studs and earrings :B Then walked around again , ME AND YUTING SAW NOAH YAP KYAAAAAAAAAA ! ❤ He cut his hair ! *-* He’s so goodlooking in real life x)
The rest didn’t see him 😛 nyannyannyannnnnnnnnnnn 😡
Anyways . After slacking at cine , All of us decided to go pub .LOOOOOOOOOOOL . The girls took a cab to hougang first to drop off Yuting and We went to Marina Country club ! ^^
The rest of us lepak at there while playing truth or dare or double dare :B
Fun you mei you ?! LOL !
Then after that We went to Avenue 8 Mac to slackkkk and munch on some stuff . Liting came awhile later . JiaAn and ZhiRong and Wenzhe went down to avenue 8 too ^^
Went to Hougang park shelter and continued our truth or dare or double dare .
Damn fun la wtfffff . JiaAn left awhile after that while We continued our game ! Played till 6.30 in the morning and went to eat porridge (: Then we girls & the boys seperated . THEY WENT TO MY HOUSE AND SLEEP . YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY . Hehehehehehe . We did mask before We sleep .

#DayFour .

Woke up at 2 in the afternoon . The girls left and I was suppose to go sentosa today with Jiaan , But Didn’t in the end ! Slept till 4+ I guess ? I had headache . tsk . Ate soggy macoroni for dinner and slack at home and went out to find my brothers & sister. Manage to chit chat awhile and catch up with each other’s life before going home at around 2 . Went to find Serene Mummy before I went to find them *-*
Thought alot you today . I miss the memories , I realized . I miss the memories I had shared with you . Rather than you yourself , the human being . But I miss you too okay ? But I miss the memories We shared more . I don’t wish to eleborate too much . Sigh .

I’m off to meet Mabel . Bye ! (:


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