Trip to Vietnam Day 2 Part 2

I’ve forgotten to update about yesterday!
Yesterday was awesome! I had strawberry milkshake and beef noodles for brunch :3
Woke up around 11+(?) , and ate brunch. Really tasty yum yum ^^

After that nua 1/4 of the day at the cafe or the bed. At around 6.30? The really adorable girl came and two of the workers and an auntie brought me to go shopping!
Bought some things for my friend but some haven buy yet ):
The auntie gift me a shirt. Yayyy!  ^~^
I’m damn happy you mei youuuu! C:

After that came back about ummmm, 9+ I assumed? And took a rest till midnight and.went out to eat seafood! Kyaa it was amazing till the clam(‘ham’) came :C
I ate two of it and feel difficulty breathing.
You know the one where they put into your laksa bowl that clam? It taste really good but I’m kinda allergic I think. Oh well. Ate gonggong! And normal clams and vietnam snails? They look like gong gong too just that they’re much bigger! And all of us use mouth to suck the gonggong out, which I was kinda shock actually o_O
I mean in singapore I usually see people using toothpick to take out the ‘meat’ from the shell. Well I guess maybe it’s because the cut the end part of the shell so We can suck the ‘meat’ out instead of using a toothpick which Vietnamese find it a hassle :/
Okay I know sucking the ‘meat ‘ sounds weird I just realized -_-”
Sorry! Hehehe.
Oh We went to eat with My GodBrother and two of his friends ( which are working in the pool area I think ) and the two worker and the auntie earlier on (:
And Uncle ( Daddy’s friend who owns the pool area) came too :B
Had joy,laughter and fun while eating (:
Oh and IF any of you are wondering why I can manage to buy stuff during the shoppig and manage to laugh at some jokes that the people said, We have a translator actually. Which is the Auntie (: She can speak chinese! And that adorable girl? She’s her daughter! She an angel *-*  LOLOL.

And We came home after munching on good stuff! Well I hope none of you fell asleep while reading this whole post. I’m trying to makr the whole post interesting okay :c

Ohh and I’m sipping on orange milkshake while typing this out on My phone. (Noone cares. Pbbft )’: )

Lol. Soo yeah.Might update later! I’m waiting for my youtiao with is taking qowiqndbwyuaasdgklldeoqp long >:

I’m fucking famished. Grr.

I was complaining about me starving and the food came. Weee! Mum mum time! 안녕!


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