Trip to Vietnam Day 3

Hai BloopBloop!. Loool.

Today’s not a good day :c

Had brunch, walked around nearby with daddy, bought choco pies and sweets. Daddy bought shampoo & shower gel and soap for washing. And you know how much it cost? Fucking 10$ -_- what da fuq right. LOLOL. And then I to sleep again. I dreamt about his whole family. Weird huh o_O

Woke up and ate uhhh, lunch 🙂

And went to sleep again -_-”

And then woke up again but this time for dinner. Which I ate and had food poisoning. Blame the fucking pig rib or something. Sigh.
All the good food I ate all in the toilet bowl. :c

So yeahhh. I’m nua-ing at my daddy’s cafe AGAIN while Daddy’s watching Mr Brown show… Which I’m really shocked x_x
Pig sia me T-T
Fattygirl96 ㅠㅠ


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