You know someth…

You know something ? I thought I was fine . I thought I was going to fine when I see you . I will fake that I’m okay seeing you . and you know what ? When I saw you . I know my feelings hadn’t change a single bit towards you . I thought I didn’t fucking love you anymore . But I was wrong . I was trying to hold my tears and cries so much that I could just fainted on the spot for being too fatigue . I thought : ‘ Hey Grace , just alittle while and you’ll be fine. You won’t feel a thing’ I told myself I won’t cry infront of you. but I did . I told myself not to hand the letter to you no matter what unless no action was taken . but I did . And I regret . Burn the paper will ya ? I want you back . Fuck . Text me can ? I need to see you now . I’m trying not to touch anything sharp . I want you back niuniu ;'( But I know I caused it all upon myself. forgive me can ? ……………………………………………Please I love you .



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