A long wordy post.

I honestly don’t know how to start this post . Sigh .

You moved on , But why can’t I ? I’m holding on the the past , Pathetic huh ?

I waited and waited and waited . and I got caught . Did you care ? No . You didn’t even believe . You weren’t even guilty and show concern asking if I was okay , instead you insulted me . Yeah you can say I pengwei , But you and I know the story , why I was there , You knew it yourself that I was waiting and you what? You said you were busy , You told me that I better not be wasting your time , Well apparently , YOU wasted MY time and I got caught , Yeah you’ll be like : ‘ I also never ask her to wait , I never ask her do this do that’ Blah blah blah so on and so forth but you know I was waiting all along . I waited hours to talk to you at the chalet , I know I walked away at first , You know how hard I was trying to breathe & not cry at the same time ? and you just keep waving the cigg at my face , You know I hate that smell . Yeah you were angry , I felt ten times worst than how you felt , you didn’t even care . You know I was waiting and yet you just didn’t care that day , after I left I texted you , and you replied what ? ‘ Talk lor .’

Wow , Cookie for you dude . I mean seriously , you deserve a cookie , You made a girl waited for you for hours .

Next day , You know what happened and I’ll just keep it to myself because it’s kinda embarrassing and will make your ‘mia xia ‘ bad , sooooooooo….. 🙂

And well , there come ‘yesterday ‘ , You know what happened ,If you don’t believe then it’s fine with me , I made Myself have a case for nothing . 🙂 If only you’ve met me and didn’t ‘dua’ me , None of that would have happen , You knew it yourself , Oh then you’ll be like : I also never ask her do this , is she ownself wanna do then my problem? Not my fault if She kanna caught ‘ or ‘ lucky I never find her if not I also will kanna caught’ .

Bitch Please ,I threw it away even before I reached there , even if got smell , No way , I drank shit load of HL fresh milk . Lol .

Do you not feel guilty really ? If I were you , I would , No matter how much I dislike that girl or guy , and If I was asked to meet them , I would be reluctant but still reach even though I would be late like just awhile . Look , I’m a woman of my words. (:

You lied , You know it yourself , You said you would text me but you didn’t . Liar , that’s one of the reasons why I hate you . You lie . and I don’t . Even if I do , I do it for a reason , which will be good for both of us .

And I talked alot with GEEK today . Especially Erin , I told her how I felt , How awful and pathetic I feel when you aren’t around me anymore even though I pushed you . You know the real reason yourself , I apologies many many times , and they were real and Sincere , I just want you back , Is that too hard to ask ? I know I asked for it , but you’re not give me a chance to show you I really want to be back with you again , is having a case prove enough that I want you back ? No Yes ? I forgive you many times every single time you did something wrong , That’s because I thought : ‘ Hey ! Maybe He won’t do it again so why not ? He deserve a chance ‘ and you just keep repeating , and I keep forgiving . Why not this time , that you can forgive me and forget what had happen ? I’m ignoring that bloody fool from my school , I’m taking a risk , can you see ?

Or Are you actually leaving because You’re tired of us ? Of the drama ? I don’t want them too , Why can’t you just let me ‘win’ sometimes ? To actually show me that I actually mean alot to you , and I dare , from the bottom of my heart , admit that YOU , Daniel Goh JA , Mean ALOT , literally everything to me . So , Let me ask you , What do I mean to you during this few months ? Don’t tell me You’re giving up just like this ……? Think of the happy memories can ? Think how happy we used to be , We could create happy memories again . 😦
I miss you Niuniu , Baobei miss you , Poopoo misses you too .

Just one last chance . If I can’t do anything else about, I’ll back off and you live your life and I live mine .

I just want one last chance and a ‘forgiveness’ from you , That’s not too much to ask right ….. ?

Only a week left sweetie , If I can’t get your heart back during this one week , I’ll leave permanently , from you , from everyone , I just left a few years left here babe .

You told me to give you a chance to prove that You actually love me and not her , You remember ? Now , I’m telling you to give me a chance to prove that I really love you and I want you back this time . can ?


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