14Feb and A quick update ? Okay maybe not .

14Feb and A quick update ? Okay maybe not .

Okay wtf seriously . I didn’t know I posted this on my facebook during the 14feb ._. This is sooooo insane , Now I miss him like siao even though he isn’t mine anymore . Kns , Really kns la me -_-”

Should I give up or should I hold on ? Hmm……….. I shall wait till friday , Because 4th may I realized that My exams has started , so……. Friday hmm ? But I don’t have the guts to tell him I’ll wait till friday , Or even worst , He doesn’t even give a fuck . :C

Let’s cross our fingers that I won’t see him during these few days hmmm ? (((:

I never thought I’ll love you so much to even say I want to let go . I lied . I still want you back , even if you didn’t give me an answer till friday or the 4th of May , I’ll still wait….. I think . I just hope I won’t see you , because I confirm plus chop chop chopppppp I will cry , Yeah bitches I’m this weak , Come at me . Lailai ~

Please don’t give up can ? ):
Talk to me , make me feel I still exist in your heart , or in your mind , anywhere , just talk to me , I promise I’ll be good >’:
Like uhhhhhh , Nice ._.”

Sighhhhhhhh .

Quick update about today .

Didn’t went to school as usual -_-”
Went out to uhhh walk in the very early early morning , came back around 8+ , 9 ? Head was realllllllly heavy but I manage to stay awake .
Called Mabel and Chit chat alittle while , Found out sometime really interesting , but but ): , Things didn’t work out in the end though that time >: , I SHALL BLAME YOU BITCHHHHH ( Not you Mabel , hehe , You know I know ? -winks- )
If not for you , WE WOULD HAVE TALKKKKKKKKK URGHHHH . Or maybe not due to his ego :C , But whateverrrrr I was still happy when I found out . Looool . 😡

Hung up , Called Joel My BLOODY BITCH , Say will call back but didn’t call , KNS LA YOU . Tskkkkk . Heard what happen in school , He kanna send back home because He was late , Heng I never go to school , I was about to change and all though , Heng ahhhh ~


Ask Daddy to download Jetpack Joyride , Oh the joy I received when He downloaded it in his ipad ;—–;
Lmaooooo , Played like an hour plus plus , went to sleep :/

Woke up and meet Liting go BubbleK buy Jidanzai *-*
I miss you Jidanzai , You miss me ? -winks- Hehe .

Then after that went to Hougang Mall to find Erin & Emily ! Ate Long John Silver , Today appetite pretty good because of what I found out ^^ , I think the positive way k , Don’t judge :p

Go arcade , They all play Tekkan or Tekken Idk what is that called -__- , Some fighting game ._.”
I’m not the arcade type Loooool . They played around while i just watch ._.

I know I damn emo type wtf . Sigh , I’m trying to be active k , this is the best I can do , Because I really hate noise , and Arcade is REALLLLY Noisy . urgh . -facepalm-

I hate noisy places and really messy places :C and small place and stinky place and crowded places and the list just go on and on ~

While they were playing Tekken or Tekkan ( ._.” ) , I went to the back of the arcade ( the uhhh , arcade balcony ? ) and I sat there thinking of the memories I had , Just normal memories but really meaningful ♡ ^^

After that The usual , Sent Emily home first , Then Erin then Kelly then I #foreveralone .

Mommy was home , Once I enter the house , There come the MELODY of her angelic voice . -sigh-
I felt so angry and I wanted to leave and find him but then cannot . Urgh so I just stayed at home . :/
And the nagging continues yadadada ~

So yeahhhhh, I’m lepaking on the bed #Likeaboss , Oh yeah come at me swaggers , You know you can’t lepak on the bed like meeeeee MUAAHAHAHAHHAHAHA . Okay I should stop , I’ve been really happy today , Time to go back to my emo side -denggggg ! –

So yeah guise ,That’s about it . Will update soon yaaaaa . ~

I hope you read this though , Yes You Cowcow. I love you ☺♥


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