Again , Idk how…

Again , Idk how to start this post . 

This might be the last time I’m talking about you I guess…..? 

Third post of the day . 

Took a afternoon nap , Went hougang mall to find Emily , Kelly & Erin . 

Emily told me things while She was eating , I got instant piss off . Yeahhhh , I don’t get it . 

I am go mad I am gonna rant here . Humph ! 


I mean I shouldn’t be confused over stuff like this butbut…… I’m seriously confused . Like fucking confused . Gahhhh . _|_ <- Say hello to Charlieeee ~ 

Okay actually Idk how to rant because I’m really fucking mad right now I might cry while typing , So bear with me guise , and my vulgar-ness . Urgh.

My ‘defination’ of best to stay single . 

  1. take a break between both of us
  2. officially breakup 
  3. Take a break then go flirt around
  4. No feeling , just don’t like me anymore .

So like whatt? You wanna officially break up with me ? What Da Fugggggggggggg . :C  
No right 😦 Rightrightright . Only temporary right D:

But even if officially break up (Or maybe really official to you liao 😦  ) , PLEASE ah , PLEASE Okay , PLEASE Tell me how did you fucking get over me , I also wanna know . 3months may not be long to you , But it is to me k . I mean , 3MONTHS WORTH OF FUCKING MEMORIES URGH .

Please tell me how did you do it , then I also can forget about you . Really , Because this feeling really killing me , No joke .

Text you also cannot , See you also cannot , Unblock you also cannot .

Text you , You will reply ? See you , Will you say Hi ? Unblock you , Will I be happy ? NO . Because I get to see that fucking anniversary date knn . 

Fuck la . Like the girl say la………

sigh . But you like her also no wrong ,She’s really pretty ;'(

Be happy with her ok………….

Nevermind I tong one more day , then tomorrow can go drinking all this . JiayouJiayou .  


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