I fall too fast, crash too hard, forgive too easily, and care too much.


Strong side .

Okay I lied at the previous post saying that will be the last post I’m talking about him , Uhhhh technically . Looool. 

Anyways , I thought about it , I thought for a pretty pretty long time . And actually , The picture above ^ , Says it all , So it’s no use wanting to have him back by my side even if he’s unwilling :/ 

Maybe it’s best to stay single for real , I shouldn’t have put in too much love inside this relationship , if I didn’t I wouldn’t have crash too hard when Reality sets in. Oh well ;/ , I can’t blame anyone but myself . *Smacks head hard* .

Yeah it’s true that I still love him , it’s true that I still can’t let go , but even if I can’t let go , I still have to let go in the end , Because if Not I’ll stay in the past and not move forward in life AND AND if not I’ll lag behind everyone in the reality . :C 

Soooooooo , I guess it’s time to move on ? Yes I will Miss him , Yes I might wanna text him , Yes at whatever you guise think I might do when I’m moving up , But it’s all part and parcels of life , I still have to face it eventually in the end , So facing it earlier than later is better rightttttt ? 🙂 

And well Poopoo will have no Daddy 😦 
Sigh , I’ll try one last time later on , if not then I will apply what I said above to myself, 😉

Drinking Session later on Wheeeeeepeeeeeeee ~ ! ^^  

Weak side .

WAHLAO D:  The girl really chio soooooo cannot blame him if he actually like her 😦 
Urghurghurgh I wanna //////////// people . Bleah .  

Pleasepleasepleaseeee meet me later okie ? ._. 
But you don’t want also nevermindddddd phewphewphew ! ~

*Hums B2ST Shock *

Remember that epic moment where We laugh like crazy on the bed till We stomach pain ? ._.

I remember damn clearly , I wanted to prove to you that the song isn’t like that in the end it’s the same -_-”

Paiseh x100000 hehehe .

Strong side .

He has move on bitch , Now it’s your turn . Starting from 28 april if nothing happened okayyyyy?!?!?!?!


Sibeh lazy go school 😦

But seriously how can He move on like this ? I also wanna know urgh . ;'(



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