Any Idea how ho…

Any Idea how horribly sad and disappointed I was when you said those words ? No huh ? You know what ? Because You didn’t think before you say . I am a girl , I get emotional easily ,So don’t ask me why I’m being like this why I am being like that , Like I said , I’m a girl.

Your words tells me that I’m worth nothing , I’m not even a something in your life . You don’t have any idea how hard is it to tolerate such an attitude like yours isn’t it ? Wanna try being me for a day ? I bet you couldn’t even last for five minutes .

Wanna know how I feel? I shall tell you how I feel . I am hurt , fucking hell hurt by what you said , Try being me  or even maybe just be yourself and Someone You LOVE said something like that to you , How the fuck would you feel ? Happy ? If that is the case , You are fucking insane . You’re gonna be angry and want to beat the crap outta the person you love .

We didn’t meet for …….. 5days , Including today , We didn’t meet ,I went to find you on my own accord . I’m not trying to anger you ya’know ? I’m just trying to tell you my feelings out . I am stress you know that ? Exams coming , Time is ticking every single moment , sometimes thinking whether I should ask you to meet me up or not because I miss you , Father’s health condition is……. , and all those crappy stuff .

And when I saw you just now , I didn’t know I was THAT annoying to you , You don’t even wanna meet me , You used to auto text me , You used to tell me when you end your stuff and all without me asking , You used to ask for meetups , You used to do everything by yourself and not need me by your side , But like I’ve said , You useD to . Seems like things have change huh ?

If you don’t wanna meet me , You could have just said so , You don’t have to leave me hangin’ there waiting and waiting for your text , I thought you were in trouble ya’know ? Well then again , I bet you don’t because You don’t read my blog .

Didn’t know how worthy I was to you till just now . Thanks for putting me up again time to time . Thanks for hurting me , Thanks for making me sad , Thanks for everything , Really thanks , Because you know why ? You’re making me stronger .

Now let’s see which girl can takeover my place and can take up the job better than me .


ohhhhh and p/s : Happy flirting at audi . I caught you red handed didn’t I ?

p/p/s : You know I hate audi . Lol .


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