I have Died Everyday Waiting for You.


Helllloooooo ! I’m back on school and I’m currently chatting with Kelly on Facebook ! She say she miss me leyyy :$

hehehehehe ! School was uhhhhh AWESOME Today ! Really . I only do Section A of Chemistry and the rest of the exam timing I went to My pigland ._.

And Maths was pretty easy 😛 , But (!!!) I doubt I’ll pass , I mean it’s like damn expected for me la , Soooo…… ._.

And if you notice the Above picture , That’s Me LAST TIME , I took that picture last month if I’m not wrong ._.”

Anyways , I’ve recently started listening to Kpop again x) , I miss itttttttt really *-* .

Ohhh,Listen to Heaven By Ailee or Peach By IU If you’re upset or anything , it soothes me No matter what (;
They are really AH-MAZE-ING Singers really . So pretty and skinny toooo ):

I’m damn bored and I have no idea what to type anymore . (Zz. )

Going out to Study later ~ ^^


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