Hellooo ~

First off , I wanna dedicate this post to My beloved annoying crazy Mommmmmyyyyy ~ ! ♡♡

Without Her and Daddy I wouldn’t be Alive in this beautiful world that God has made in his own hands *v* 

I love My mom , even though She likes to invade people’s privacy ,  Nags , and well nag some more , And Uhhhh ,Nag some more ._. , But that’s because She cares . I’ll miss Her naggings one day seriously . Thank God For letting me have a Mother like her , who went thru 9months + to have me born and use C-section ( Ya’know the one where the doctors cut the tummy and all ._.” ) instead of Natural giving birth , Isn’t She just Amazzzingly Amazing  ? ♡

Hehehehehe ! I’m proud to have a Mother like her as Much as I’m proud to have a Daddddddyyyyy who dotes on me ^^ 

I guess My Mother doesn’t really know how to express her feelings out very much but only by nagging because She lost her Mom at a really young age ): , But God made her a beautiful person ❤ 

So yeapppp ! Happy 엄마 节快乐 to My lovely mother and all the beautiful Mother’s out there ! 

You’re amazing in your own ways yaaaaaa ~ ❤ 


Soooo , I woke up at 9.15 with a foooking bad headache ._. , Even before I turned into bed , I was having a headache already , woke up in the middle of the night suddenly and had running nose and you know what’s amazing ? I didn’t even on air-con. Like wts ._.” 

So anyway I buey tahan liao in the morning and I went to take medication and went to work , Work was fine , it was kinda busy but manageable ^^ 

End work around 5.30 and went to Seoul Garden with Family ( Excluding Daniel BROTHER as He has work :/ ) and ate dinner there , Food was……. Meh . :s 

Walk around Compass till like umm,9+ ? and Went home ^^ , Loan three books 😀 

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA YAY I LOVE READING , I really do , I’m actually a bookworm , No joke ._. 

And now I’m home ! and I’m off to study for history x_x *Cross finger* I hope I’ll be able to get them into my head . Urgh . 

So yeahhh , And to GEEK ! Happy 2nd Monthhhhh ! ~ Yayyyyy ~ I’ll see you guys soon okie muacks ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


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