Yeap that’s right , I’m done . I’m done trying to please you , I’m done trying to do anything to gain you back by my side . But it seems like you only take advantage of it , You like forcing me to do stuff I don’t wanna do , and In the end I don’t wanna do it , what you do to me ? Hit me DUH . I’m not a toy just so you know , and a guy like you , Won’t know what you have till it’s gone , or maybe you knew it all along , but you just wanna take advantage . WHATEVER . Waste of My time for the past 3 months , YEAH 3 , Not 4 , Since the so called 4th month We weren’t together . Lol. I wasted my precious time to WAIT for you . I could have done something better like studying , know more friends , and Oh maybe , Be HAPPY 🙂

Sucks to be you , since all you know in your mind is like Audi , Whatsapp , ‘Glue’ , S3X and Violence .

Mind of a No life-r. Lol . Come at me with words honey how ’bout it ? Let’s not use vuglarities & NOT INSULT parents ^^ , Funny how I only give an opinion about asking your mom about something and you hit me , HAH , ask nia , So serious for what ? You tell me to fuck my mom ley , who more worst ? Seriously You don’t have to worry for not getting a slot in hell , I specially and specifically told God to tell Lucifer to reserve a slot for you (L) Lol.

Anyways , I’m may not be totally over you , But soon , atleast I’m living a better life than you are now, I’m much more happier .

and FYI , You really really really REALLY disgust me , Above all people , I thought You wouldn’t do it , but you did , and excuse me , But do you think that with a bowl of noodles can make me forget everything ? You make me felt pain , and You’re low , really low to the point you’re not fit to be in the same level as me , and I’m fucking hell not joking , You really do disgust me I can even swear to this . LOL . Hope Karma comes to you soon C:

Oh and You know what ? You’re gonna regret what you’ve done to me because later on in life you’re gonna realize with your pea brain that you’ve lost a girl like me , a girl who actually really did have feelings for you, a girl you should have long ago appreciated . and I dare to say this , I’ve tolerated enough of your hits , your bullshyts , Your smirk , E.V.E.R.T.H.I.N.G.

I have so much more to say but I guess I should keep it to myself ,just incase some idiots wanna screenshot this post down . ^^


p/s : I mean every single word I said here .


Went to see doctor yesterday with Emily & Kelly , HELLLLLLLL PAIN OKAY HELL. Now My leg damn itchy but cannot take out till night , So must tong till 8pm at the most 😦

Then the girls come slack at my house . Lepaklepak ~ That’s all ^^


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