Still stuck in that Time where We called it Love . – Payphone

I got them just now around midnight when I went out to meet Emily & Kelly and bought Mac , hehehe !
Cute hor ! , But I thought it would have been bigger though >: , But oh wells , GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL HEHEHE . >:D
Stayed awake till 6.30am then I fell asleep , I’m so tired ):
Then when I woke up the girls also fell asleep . LOOOOOL . 😡
Slept till 1 in the afternoon and woke up , then went to eat porridge C: , Kinda full ya ~_~
Anyways , After that we went to Some fag’s block to get my stuff because apparently He said He threw it down the block , bloody hell in the end didn’t and I have to went up to get my stuff instead , I thought blue plastic bag ? bullshyt man really , It was still hangin’ like how I hanged it before I left , Blue plastic bag my butt . Then went took bus with Kelly and went home while Emily took 72 home alone . My key’s still with him , urgh , Irritating much ?!?!??!
Nevermind shall just wait for my key to ‘song shang men’ with the help of Emily & Daren !
To you . :
HELLO ! You’re bore me , you’re plain disgusting , just ….. Grow a vagina , really . You’re not even fit to be a guy . I thought I loved you , I was right , maybe it is puppy love, but I’m not gonna give a fuck anymore , wanna know why ? Because The lesser Fuck I give,  the happier I’ll be . <- This , I realized this after I got together with you because You keep keeping your title as a Jerk , so yeah .
Oh yeah and I thought my stuff in a BLUE plastic bag ? LOL . Still say till so specific . Ciaos . -‘-

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