No matter how much you hurt me with your words , hate me , Anything for that matters , I never EVER intend to let you get hit .

Maybe , because …. , I don’t know .

I wish , that just sometimes , time would rewind before We know so many people in our lifes , that our lifes would be simple and they wouldn’t affect how we are now , but it’s too late , We can’t rewind , They’re meant to be memories . It’s Fate .

Everything I do now just makes me thing of you , it’s like ……….. , They just came out from the back of my head and make me remember everything . I Love You . That’s why I’m letting go ? I should have let go in the first place , I thought everything could work out , but No , just no .

Don’t come back into my life from now on please…………? I need to forget you . I have to , it’s the best for me isn’t it ? Wish me Good Luck .

I just wish whenever I see you again , You would see the hurt & love in my eyes .

안녕 사랑하는 바보 . (‘;


Made Sushi with Emily todayyyyyyyy ! It was fun ^^ , Nothing much really happen these days . Oh wells , So thereeeeeeee , and I’m going to school later on ! Muahahahahaha Goodgirl96 ^^



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