He will never…



He will never EVER know . It’s because he gave up and he moved on , but it’s okay for me , I’ll be fine . I won’t be stupid again , I guess I’ll just some people around that can make me feel safe and feel comfortable , and the others ? I’ll just push them away , because I just don’t wanna hurt myself again and Mostly I’m gonna keep everything to myself from everyone , after this very very post . I’ll not share my burden to others , I just can’t bare to see them feel annoyed by me anymore , but I wish they could understand though….

I think of you everyday , for the fact that literally everywhere consist memories of you , even if I didn’t go together with you , and everytime when I walk pass the block where that incident happen , I just wish I could kill myself , over and over again as long as I won’t let that thing happen , but what’s done cannot be undone , I hope karma comes to him soon, pssh . 

I’ll miss the playful you , I’ll miss your eye smiles , I’ll miss your tickles , I’l miss your hugs , I’ll miss your kisses , I’ll miss your tears , I’ll miss everything that has once happen that’ll never ever happen again . I’ll miss them , I can never ever blame you for anything honestly , I can only blame myself for this , for taking this too seriously , for staying too committed in the r/s , for thinking that finally , you are the one . but I was wrong . I shouldn’t have put too much feelings in the first place ,thus resulting everything turn into like this , and it sucks , but life still goes on , with or without you . You’re everything that I’ve wanted , but everything’s gone , You my dearest one , is gone



Sorry for the lack of updates guise >: , was really busy these few days ~_~

Anyways , Went out with Emily & Kelly to Bugis yesterday ! woke up around 1+ and called Kelly up, met around 3 I guess ? Then Me and Kelly bus-ed down to Hougang Mall and We went to meet up with Emily and went to kangkar and bought some things . *winks* , then We took the mrt down to Little Indiaaaa ~ 

AND PLAYED TURBAN SIMI SEK . LOLOLOL DAMN FUN HAHAHAHA . I kanna pinch first 😦 , Oh wells . T-T , it was fun nonetheless during the whole time we were in bugis and little india ~ ^^

Emily & I bought cartoon prints shirts and She bought a Stitch shirt alot later on which she actually spazz about when She saw it ._. , totally priceless face , should have took a picture down and use it to threaten her next time when I needed something from her >: 

Ate little bit here alittle bit there while we were in bugis , then there was this one time when I wanted to buy taiwan sausage and the stall was called ‘ Mr Ting ‘ , then Emily made a really dumb joke and she laughed at it in the end 😡 . okay la I also got laugh okay , I laughed because she laughed .LOOOL. Kelly & I jitao paiseh on the spot because she laughed really loudly and people were looking at *ehem ehem* US unfortunately :$ 

then we went up awhile later to get my Choco-something crepe , damn nice I swearrrrr ;-; , Awesome shytzxc going on there C: 

then We walked to Bugis Junction’s Frolick’s to wait for Emily’s contact lens supplier to arrive ._. 

and Kelly doesn’t eat yogurt wtff it’s a wasteeee, because on Tuesday & Thursday Frolick has this 1 to 1 promotion. Then we walked around Bugis junction and left to go Kovan to play Lan ! 

Played New map of L4D , Totally epic-ness was going on LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA . Then we played Audition . so yeah ._. ,  Nothing much actually x_x , after lan We went to the nearby coffee shop and they eat then We bus home. 

that’s all . I’m really lazy to type because I’m still kinda tired even after I woke up like ….. 2?! Gahhhh bye xo ! 

p/s : Follow me ? :3 

@Lovethatexist on twitter . ^^ Mention for a follow back ! 


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