Sometimes I still wonder why things happen when they aren’t suppose to .


Heyyy everyone ^^ , It’s been pretty long since I’ve updated something nice that happened to me huh ? :s 

Hehhh , chey joke ^^ ~

Anyways ! I went out with My Adorable Donkey Poo(Amanda) , Angelea & Emily yesterday to Vivo ! :B , We was suppose to go to Salvation army but I didn’t go because I woke up realllly late ._. , But they went in the end without me , then after that they came to find me under my block ~

Then We went to Vivo , once We alight at HabourFront station ? I saw TURBAN HAHAHAHAHA I Straight away ran to Amanda and Emily and pinch them , but apparently Amanda she ran away , tskkkk :C , It was pretty fun anyways ! 

Went to Candy Empire and wanted to buy this ,


but it was hell expensive ): , So in the end I bought 3 packet of sweets and We walked around the whole of Vivo :/ , Then Emily & I ate LJS and Chitchat around :3 . 

Then awhile later We went to eat Chocolate fondue , it was pretty ok , but very expensive from My POV :/ Anywaysss , after that Me and Emily played lan while Amanda and Angelea went home . So yeahhhh , Nothing much actually . 😦 


Went out in the Morning today with Brendy Boy today ! We had breakfast and talked about alot of my stuff , feelings all I have been holding in for so long , was finally released ^^ , Now I feel really lighthearted and nothing much to worry about , but now , Imma just take it slowly , One step at a time yessss ? ♥

Hehe ! Anyways , Went home around 7+ and manage to send My brother off to the bus ;'(((((((( , I MISS YOU BROTHER COME BACK SOON OKIE ? LURB EUU MUACKS . ♡♡♡♡♡♡ 

Then I went back to sleep and woke up around 1.30 then received a text from Kelly that She needs to go school and do some stuff . Heng when I going to get ready *Ehem ehem cough cough *  already then she say she was done ._. Then met up with her at Nex and catch Ghost On Air ! HELLLLL CREEPY LIKE SAI . LOLOLOL. Okay la not bad la , wasted 6.50$ to watch a movie to scare myself :C , Then we walked around after that and went to eat Porridge at avenue 8 with Emily before they left for sintua . Sooo yeap , My life is getting pretty boring these days because well , it’s the June holidays ._.

Now I’m waiting for my donkey poo to upload the pictures taken on the vivo trip and I’ll post them here ! :s So yeah , life will be better for me I hope! 😀 

So now I’m currently waiting for Emily/Kelly to contact me after their sintua and see what they wanna do after that . 

and Imma do facial tomorrow with Mommy today ! Not really very excited :/

Ohohohohoh ! and I’m leaving around next week or next next week . (; Don’t miss me yess ?!??! Hehehehe ! ^^


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