Okay , first of…

Okay , first off , WHAT THE EFFING HELL K , What the effing hell >: 

I dreamt about him yesterday , along with Jiawei , Patrick , Daren , Emily , His mom & a dog , like really a dog , a maltese one I think , Oh and Jackie .

So first off I was walking towards the bus stop and Jackie was there , It was kinda awkward for us but Thanks to his weird side , We manage to kick off LOL , Then We suddenly appeared in his house , apparently his house was really big , like there was two floors at his house , a masionatte maybe ? 

Anyways later on Me and Jackie was at his living room chatting then all of the people Him , Jiawei , Patrick , Daren , His mom and the dog came back , then Jackie was comforting me telling me that nothing will happen and he’ll protect me :O Like come to think of it it was pretty funny #trololololol . Then Me and Jackie went into the guest room and slack and suddenly his mom came into the room with the dog and talked to me and took a pacifier ( I think) and left . Then We lepak in the room sommore . Then suddenly Emily appear YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (Y) Then all of us chatted comfortably then I was called to go to his room and chat even though I was pretty reluctant but they said He was sleeping already so I went ahead , and then I saw him sleeping soundly :/ But we were chatting halfway then I sub- consciously turn around and saw him staring at me ._. , Talk about awkward >_>

So after that Me and His mother went out and talk , I asked the mom if He like anyone or not then She was like : ‘ Yes he like , She’s very pretty I saw her before . ‘ Wahhhhh in my dreams I instant shag lor 😦   
We chatted at the staircase there then after that I was sitting at the handle bars , apparently in my dreams they can support my weight <: , 
Then before that I think He talked to me saying then He fell in love with a girl in audi , she’s very pretty but they haven met before and told me to give up (In my dreams I didn’t gave up yet , not saying I give up now already la , but slowly slowly right ~ ) and he left me alone standing and Jackie escort ( ESCORT SIOL HAHAHHAHAHAHA ) back to the guest room .  

Then suddenly everyone went out to ntuc or something and left me, jackie and him( He was sleeping)  in the house . Then me and Jackie talked alotttttt like macham old friends like that ._. , Then everyone came back then the end ._. 

Okay la sound damn lame and all right ? But in my dreams I keep feeling damn sad ,then when I wake up I feel damn frustrated like why the fuckkkkk did I dream about him again >: , Me and my brains *shakes head* , but then come to think of it again I find this dream really stupid and lame . LOLOLOL 😡

and I’m suppose to be in the bus for work now but here I am at home , lying on my parent’s bed blogging , ain’t I dee best?!?!? LOL . I’m fucking late and I don’t wanna go ): , I Wanna go chalet now ley cb D: 

Might blog later >: 


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