Don’t you ?


Hellloooo ~ ^^ This day , 4th June , Will be another ordinary day for me . Oh wellz >: 

Went to work today ,end up didn’t meet my older one and friends D: , And didn’t celebrate My brother birthday :/ ,well yeah x_x , Blame work :/  , But work was fineeeee , sales’s pretty good today 😀 , Went to the chalet around 10.30 , and left an hour later :/ , Might be staying there tomorrow ~ ^^ 

Hope to see my niece tomorrow and then We can lepak around ^^ & Might be going to WWW tomorrow with My fatty boyyyyy ( ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡) and Sammel ~ 

And Mommy’s leaving for Hongkong in the Morning later on , hope She can find a place there that’s suitable . 

So yeap , Nothing much todayy :/

Oh and before I go here’s a picture of my and my daughter Poopoo :3 




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