Helllllooooo ~ …

Helllllooooo ~ ^^

Spent a night at the Chalet yesterday. (: 
And I keep hearing weird noises like seriously . ._.
But it’s over anyways, maybe I was just too tired . Woke up around 8+ because of the freaking sunlight , -_-‘ , Then after that nua on the bed for like an hour plus before Daddy came back with My breakfast, Ate Mc Griddles , and wtf the bread is sweet like ewwwwwwwwwwww :[  and Daddy complaint to me that he specifically told the Macdonald stuff he wants hot milo but in the end they give him cold milo . LIKE FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- , In the end I tummy ache ;c 

Check out around 10.30 and took a shuttle bus to Pasir ris Interchange and took 88 , then alight at Sengkang’s highway bus stop and took 161 home , then lepak around on the bed and watch SNSD Dangerous Boyssss ~ ❤ *-*

Then awhile later fell asleep and got woken up by My brother and Daddy shouting at each other :C

So yeahhhhhh , Nothing much , haven been going out , and getting fatter these days -___-‘ , I needa go gym pbbbbbft ):

And I went to Shop ‘N’ Save just now with My bro , THEY NO HAPPY HIPPO , ME NO HAPPY D:

I WANT HAPPY HIPPO HAPPY HIPPO HAPPY HIPO * Throws a fit like a child* 😡

And I think I saw him just now……. Or I’m just dreaming . 


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