Not in a really…


Not in a really Good mood now, Saw alotttt of things I don’t wanna see . 

Gah , Whatever yoz , Not gonna let it affect me 🙂 

Anyways , HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAYY KORKOR ! 😀 , Big liao hor , okay la alot bigger than me la :/ , OLDER LIAO HOR , NEXT MONTH GO NS LIAO HOR ? DESKTOP I OCCUPY LIAO HORRRRRR ?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA ! >:D Yayyyyy ~ Oh yah , BED ALSO MINE LIAO HOR ?!?! YES AH ! 😡

Hehehehehe ! okay lah don’t say so much liao ._. , Anyways Mama & Samuel went to IT fair few days ago then you know whatt?!?!? They bought a laptop and a New desktop 😦 , One for Samuel one for Daniel , Then me ? NOTHING . I damn angry cannnn D: , And I really don’t get My brother ,He has one macbook pro , One lappy and now one more new laptop , wtf is his problem >: , I have nothing ley , Selfish boy don’t want share ): 

Okayyyy la , I’m off to go eat dinner with My family already to celebrate My bro’s birthday , Byeeee ~ ❤ 


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