A thousand views ! Thanks Guise ! Thanks for coming to my blog and kaypo here kaypo there 😡 , Though My life is pretty boring 😦 , But thank you anyways !!!! , Atleast this shows some people still care about me righttttt ? (: 

A picture for you all okieeee at the above ! ^^V   ^

I Miss My stupid boyfrienddddd ): ,Everyday play lan , buey sian one meh ._.” 
Oh wells , Currently watching Hello Strangers ! It’s not bad I guess , They went to Korea lor wahlao , I also want goooooo ):

And Bby keep disturb me, but I likeeeee , very annoying! Can annoy him with my siao-ness , Lol !

So yeapppppppp 😛 ,That’s all , later might meet Kelly & Emily after their clubbing , I wonder how is it ._.



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