Thinking of you – Katy Perry


Hello… I can’t talk about My last two days of june holidays & Erin’s birthday celebration today >_<

I’m so so so sorry!! I will update tomorrow I promise .

So let’s talk about today .

Went out with Kelly & Emily today for Sakura @ Pasir ris . Kelly & I met up first and went to Nex to meet Emily to collet Kelly’s pay ! then We took bus 109 to Pasir ris . We kinda miss the first bus……. because We were craving for Old Chang Kee :$  , so We waited for 10 mins for the second bus .

Then we alighted some where over the rainbow LOL . Some bus stop la and decided to take a cab to E!Hub instead,  and you know whatttttttt ? CHEEBYE THE TAXI DRIVER KNN DOG .Sumpah . Fucker #1 really , Worst taxi driver I’ve ever ever met.EVER . The cab fare was 3.40$ and I pay for the rest first ma , and I only had 50$ so I pass it to the taxi driver then you know what he say ? : ‘ NO CHANGE NO CHANGE COME I DRIVE YOU BACK TO THE SPOT ‘ Eh fuck you . I first time see taxi driver no change . -_-‘ He obviously have change lor seriously, I guess because when We first got in I was uhhhh complaining about the cab smell , ailment smell very heavy . ._.

Then since I was the first one who got in I said ‘ Uncle E!Hub . ‘ Bloody hell I repeat enough times for the uncle to hear and when Emily was the last one who got in , He then ask : ‘ Go where ? ‘ Ccb . Go die please just go die  -_-‘  I said it Loud and Clear lor . Pms uncle la wtf , K anyways then after that when We reach (what happen above ^ ) , So no choice Kelly paid since She had change , Then the uncle fucking guailan , He say : ‘ AIYAH LIKE THAT CAN ALREADY MA ! Give me 50$ for what !’ I purposely don’t want Kelly to pay because I paid for the Old Chang Kee , in the end no choice cause of the grumpy old uncle . FAG . so I ‘tsk’ loud enough for him to hear and I slam the door shut HARD . HAH , I HOPE THE DOOR SPOIL.

Okay anywayssssssss , We went to E!Hub first so Emily could re-new her Nebo card and We walked around before We went to eat Sakuraaaaaa ~ ^^

SAKURA WAS FANTASTICCCC , I’m still feeling bloated like now …… ._. Ate alot alot alot but I don’t think I actually eat enough for a 29$ buffet x_x , Aiyahhhh fuck that shit . Then I lost track of time and rush back to hougang to find My family for dinner ( see them eat actually) ,Sooooo yeah . Nothing much today…….

ohhhhh um…….. and I broke up with him today , all because of My attitude….. and misunderstanding. I tried to explain but…..He’s still gone anyway , He won’t come back , so I’m trying to suck it up :’)

I’m still upset about it though….. I guess he’ll never understand why My guard is up when I’m with him ;’) , But I doubt he’ll read my blog anyway so I’m gonna explain here anyways .

I’m sorry for letting my guard up , it’s because I can’t adapt so quickly , The last time I let my guard down , I got hurt big time . I really didn’t attitude you , If I ever attitude you , I’m really sorry, I’m just really paranoid I guess……. I’m trying my best to give you everything I could ever give , and I admit that I can’t love you as much as I loved him , I mean , it’s hard…..I didn’t even had the time to build the wall around my heart yet and you came , I was scared you would hurt me like he did , I was scared you will be like him , He couldn’t tolerate my attitude at all honestly , I know that . I really want you back , I’m trying to change back to my old self , Ya’know the cheerful old Graceyy ? Yeah her . I need to protect myself from getting hurt , from feeling shytty about myself . I really need to feel protected , and……just when I thought I could open up to you , You left ………

I guess I have no one to blame but myself….but I really really really miss you……….so much ……

I guess your feeling fade that’s why right ? That’s the fact , even if it isn’t , I’ll just think of that and move on with life ? , I’m just not perfect , I’m not her …….. Maybe because I’m not as pretty as her , and lovely as her , as skinny as her , that’s why you left right ? Hah……

Thanks for these past few weeks , and for breaking up with me 7days before our first month….. ;’) .

But I don’t think that after this much that I’m trying to explain in a clearer way , You’ll never understand how I’m feeling ……

I’m just a fling to anyone that’s all.

I really want you back…….but you’re gone & I’m sorry.

To your friend :

By any chance if you’re actually reading this , I’m sorry , I really didn’t mean what I said ,I was joking , honest words……… I’m sorry …….


Ohhh yeah and I made a Cover of Katy Perry’s Thinking of you .

Soooooo, like like share share & favourite ? ^-^


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