I miss you so much . really . for real . But you just don’t.

Well heyyyy 🙂 , I just got back home not long ago , and I don’t really know if I should actually talk about how I spent my last two days of June holidays……. but anyways , here goes .

I got back home around 2plus in the morning from Vietnam , slept and woke up around 4+ to find him and accompanied him to end his work & We watched the sunset together while he was working, like literally .Hah……….. The view was amazinggggg really , I’ll post the pictures someday when I’m using my phone to blog okie . Hehe . Then went back to his house for awhile & went out again to eat our dinner .

Then we lepak awhile more and I went to find Emily & Kelly and We ton-ed since it was the last day of the June holidays , but I slept first because I was really tired :/ , Then around afternoon Kelly went back home first because She was going out with her friend , Then after that woke up at late afternoon and met up with Erin with Emily and went to Nex and eat ^-^ , Then We decided to buy Baskin Robin’s and went to play lan ! I tasted BubbleGum & Cotton Candy , They both taste really good !! 😀 Cotton Candy was like deeeeee best yo . kekekekeke . So Emily & I both a pint of Cotton candy & Her favourite flavor which I don’t know what is it ._.” I mean I remember but I forgot the name . LOLOL ! Anywayssssss , we went to play lan and went home and got ready for school x_x , andddd a miracle happened , I WENT TO SCHOOL FOR THE FIRST WEEK 😀 , Fucking miracle k . ELL ‘O’ ELL ‘O’ ELL .

K I need to go to school anyways , gotta buck up on my studies already , no time to play anymore. Sooo yeap , hopefully I’ll update with my phone tomorrow & post overdue pics . heh . Kbai ! ~


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