Both Of Us – B.O.B feat Taylor Swift .

This is how I actually look like when I miss you , when I think of you , when I talk about Good memories that we had to My daughter ;’)


Heyyyy everyone 🙂 , It’s been tough for me these few days , but I manage to live thru them and not harm myself !! *claps* and I’ve been going to school ^-^ , Good hor Good horrrrr ~

Muahahahahaha !! I’ll post about Erin’s birthday celebration soon alright , really sorry for the delay because I hadn’t been using my phone for wifi these days ……. ;/

Anywaysss , It was Daddy’s Birthday yesterdayyyy !!! and I didn’t post a section of my post dedicated to him :/ SO I’LL DO IT NOWWWWW xD

Dear FattyDaddy, :3 Image

Happy Blessed Birthday ! 52 liao horrrrr , Become more naggy-er le hor ! Hehe ! But it’s okay la , I like hearing your nags , very annoying then I can copy you talk like that 😛

anddddd ! If I never hear your naggings then it’ll be weird le right ! ): , Anyways , I have no idea what to buy for you , a shit maybe ? You’ll like it righttttt c: , I mean , DUH OF COURSE YOU’LL LIKE LAAAAA, I , GRACEYY, YOUR DAUGHTER BUY DE LEH ^-^ , Jokeeeee ~ I love you lah Daddy ! Best Dad okie ! ❤

Thanks for raising me up for the past 15 years with Mummy (:, Thanks for being there for me always , Thanks for being our ATM , Chef , Chauffeur , Father , chu qi tong , everything ;’) , I love you daddy ! Best thing that have ever happen to me ! ❤

So yeappppp , I hope you live longer and see me get married off okie ! Muaaaaaacks ♡


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