내겐 너니까 – SISTAR’s Hyorin .


Sooooo wazzup biatches . I got back from work not long ago , DEAD TIRED OKAY WTF Sigh . 

But thanks to Xuanxuan , She was there to help meeee ~ Thank you 바보 Xuannnnnnn , I love you , sigh , thank goodness you’re with me *feels so blessed* 

She’s someone I could rely on , So that’s sweet isn’t it ? Kekekekeke .

Was almosttttttt late for work today , okay la I was late but I COULD have been later I swear , Thank Goodness My mom woke me up , if not I would have continued sleeping due to like the freaking awesome weather , like dammit , is it just me or nowadays the weather is like an awesome only wtf ?!?!? 

So I was ummmmmmmm , late early for work ._. , and I start working , HENG LOR WTF . Xuan with me , if not I would have died , and also partly thanks her Iphone hehehehe , Camwhore sessions were like on and off for us over there , but I wasn’t really very photogenic ( Not saying I am though Lol . ) because I was like all the while fucking tired ……..

But oh well , pictures ~ 


Okayyy I don’t wanna upload too much later all of you jealous we so close . HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA FAKEEEEE LAAAAA , Hehehe , :p 

and I tried the 1.50$’s McBites today , FUCKING NICEEE BIATCHES . KEKEKEKEKE . 진짜 맜이서 ㅋㅋㅋ *-*

Ate like two box of it , of course share with Mingxuan lahhhhhh wtf , I cannot get fat enough already *pokes tummy fats* 


Laiiiii proof ! Lol ! 

Then We camwhore more ._. 

Okay la mostly is only me cause…. I was really bored and giving Mingxuan do all the work kekekekeke . *smacks forehead* 

Lepak around , really damn slack lah wtf , maybe cause I was tired that’s why My luck macham not good like that bah , So I guess I shall bath & sleep so I can feel more energize for work tomorrow , then all the luck come MUAHAHAHAHAHA >:D 

Okay I feel damn lame now . -_-” 

Anyways , I saw Tiffy just now ! I was really happy lor omg ❤ It’s been so long since I last saw her ;’)

and I think I saw him honestly , with his friends… like 10 feet away from my shop . Like wtf lor , My face was like -> O_______________O

Heartbeat -> _^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^_^^^^^^^-^^^^^^___________ LOL . I died cause I was just honestly shock .

 Closed shop at 10.30 and went to get supper for both of us , which that was the time I got my second packet of McBites ! ;D 

So yeappp , Parted ways with My silly girl and took 159 home (; 

Working tomorrow yesssssss ! <: 

So yeappp , ending this post with a pic of Me & My silly girl which I really really like cause I’m shooooo cute kekeke and she looks sho chubby :3 Image


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