Upsetting & Disappointing Day .


It’s been a really tough day for me today 😦 , I had to suck everything up and pretend that everything was fine . 

Accompanied with Emily & Kelly today in the afternoon to buy their bags , ate subway and left for work . 

Work sucked today . Really.  Sigh , So there was this customer , She wanted to play sand , so I let her choose the pictures & after she played for like 5 minutes , She said She don’t wanna play anymore , So I ask her to pay and told her the price , then She was like : ‘ WHAT ? You didn’t tell me it was so expensive ‘ , Then I explain to her , if she want I can provide her the colours to bring home and continue doing so she don’t have to say she wasted her money , then she keep saying : ‘ NO I don’t want to , We only do alittle bit only , you see ? That’s all . ‘ It was true that She did alittle bit , but she still have to pay in the end right ? 😦 , Then I was like : ‘ I know , But you have to pay ‘ Then she got angry and told me I should have told her the price first before telling her to choose . LIKE WHAT THE FUCK WITH WRONG WITH YOU LADY ? URGH . FUCK YOU . Normally customers ask US before they play what , so I thought she was okay with it because She and her child was eager to play , so I was like : ‘ Hmmmm , if that’s the case then I’ll ask her to pay later on when she’s done ‘ Then who the fuck knows she decided to stop playing . urghhhhh , anyways I told her to ‘pay up ‘ then she was like : ‘ NO IT’S TOO EXPENSIVE ‘ then she keep push the fucking blame to me saying that I didn’t tell her the price before letting her play . Urgh . -_______-‘ 

Then I called Serene Mummy and ask her explain to the lady then when I pass the phone to the lady & her husband , THEY REFUSED TO ANSWER , Why?!?! HUMJI SIBO ? NABEI . 

Then they were like : ‘ You want I pay 5$ if not I won’t pay , that’s all ‘ But We can’t sell the used art what…..so I reason out with her and you know what ? THEY LEFT LIKE 5$ ON THE COUNTER AND LEFT , IGNORING ME . Where the hell is your respect Parent’s of a 3y/o kid ?!?! This is how you treat someone infront of your kid?  Becareful when your kid is all grown up , She’ll do the same to you . Pbbft . No basic respect really . 

So I called Mummy up again and almost cried on the phone because I was really lost……. like for real , this is the first time I’ve ever , EVER , encounter such a customer . She was really mean , so is her husband . 😦 , Then after we end the call , Carrie came…… like 2hours late . LOOOOOL . But it’s okay ~ , atleast got someone accompany me . :/ So we worked till close and while refilling sand , Emily & Shawn came !!! 😀 , COUPLE SIOLLLLLLLL KEKEKEKEKE . Shawn had to leave first because He had to pass food to his hungry Daddy who was at home . LOOOOOL. So Emily waited for me to close shop & We went down to Nex and fetch Kelly ~ 

Saw ALOT Of people wearing Mickey & Minnie mouse today, sad that Noone was with me…… D: 

Anywayyyyyy, Today sucked . Sigh . I feel so tired of everything . should I just move on …..? 


Tell me what should I do , you were suppose to give me an answer right ….. ? 

Or maybe you’re giving me an answer now , an unspoken answer telling me to give up .



Check out Xuan’s blog ! She just created it ^^ , View view alittle bit okie ? ❤ 




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