Friday the 13th.

So hello Everyone! How did you spend your friday the 13th?!? Mine was awesome till like evening cause I gotta go to work. Sighhh.
Got a call from Xuan to wake up and meet her at Mommy’s shop at two when she called me like….1:30?! You think you cute ah Xuan! :p

As usual, being a drag time queen, left the house at 2:30 cause of my brown contact lens being dried up. Like FUUUUU-
So I wore a green one (I think) and left house.
Met Mingxuan at Shop and took 159 to Amk hub~
Then we decided lunch would be Pepper Luncb because Mingxuan was like craving for it and Mac and I didn’t want to eat mac.
Ate Salmon & Chicken pepper rice! ;D
Got student price la wtf I found out. Not baddd.


Before it was mixed by me. LOLOL.


Mad unappetitizing hor LOLOL! But it still taste good okayyy! Tsk, Let’s not get fooled by it’s appearence :p
Then something happened
When we were about to finish our lunch, there was this guy standing behind me shaking the panel right beside us. I wasn’t really affected by it but Mingxuan was. So I turned around and asked : ‘ um excuse me can you please stop shaking the panel? ‘
Then the guy jitao stare and me then you know what?!?! Cheebye he diao me! Fuck you and your little dick bitch! I ask you so nicely give me this type of attitude. FAG.

Or maybe he was shock that I did that and he walk away afterwards. Still bloody rude because he didn’t even apologise and walked away, worst the mom was just beside him. Tsktsk.

Well anyways We finish our lunch and start heading to our destination, the art shop! 🙂
While walking, I saw Samuel lor omg! *wide eyes* So long never see him already! He was with some girl hehehe Cx

Soo I did some art pieces and lost track of time LOLOL! Was suppose to work at 5 but my art was only halfway done. The colours were really limited so I have to mix colours to get the colours I want, hence damn long LOLOL. What can I say sia, I like my art pieces to be perfect 😡 like really. I spend alot of time of things like this because it’s one of the only thing that keeps me me.

So left amk hub at 4:45 and took a cab down to Compass.
Then after Auntie Karen (the person I needed to takeover the shift) left, I took out my art and continue using the shop’s material. LOLOL. But still not the same la ;/ , but nevermind lor suan le…. Talk about perfect tskkkk. 😦
Then Joel and Fazlinda drop by!!! Chit chat awhile and they left. Mingxuan left around… 8:30 maybe? I forgot already 😡
Then afterwards I close shop alone. Then when I was about to get ready and all, suddenly a few bunch of customers came and want to do art pieces, so no choice but got to serve them. Then close shop at 11. 😦
Tired like siaoooo lor!

Sooo yeappp. Brother is finally back from Taiwan ^^ Happy max cause I don’t have to help him maple anymore.

Before I end, here’s a picture of me c:


Chio hor kekekekeke. FAKEEEEE ~

And here’s another picture of me! Without a nose ;p


Yeahhh like a voldermort only right kekeke. My contact lens colour nice hor ^^ I really like it alot. I wonder if any blogshop sells hot pink lens anot. I confirm buy one ley! *-*

Soooo yeap. Today Samuel korkor ask me a funny question. Why I buy lens that have colour. I gave him a ‘Really?! You’re asking me that? ‘ look.
And obviously I replied, :’ if not buy lens for what? Colour lens can make you look prettier, but colourless lens it’s like too boring already’
Right anot right anot! Okay this is just my opinion ~
And as you can see my eyes are brown. BOOYAH kekekekeke. I love my brown eyes ^^
Sooo yeap. Gotta wake up early later on and help Samuel spray his hair black for his school ceremony later on which noone in my family jio me go attend. LOLOL.

Still sitting here like an idiot waiting for your text.

Today’s GEEK 4th Month.
It’s been quite a journey ya?! Prelims coming soon need work harder already. (Kelly you also must work hard,sooner or later you’ll go thru this like us)
I’m really sorry I couldn’t meet your guys today due to some girl. Bloody hell.
Sooo yeahhh. Nothing bad happen to me I think… Just that My favourite shirt kanna orange paint 😥 you know the one the girl crying that one ;-;
Now the owner also wanna cry liao la, My favourite shirt leyyy!! Okay la it’s not the only one but still!!!
Aiyahhh anyways, Happy 4th Month GEEK! I’m glad to walk down this journey with you girls! I love every single one of you! Muaaaaacks! :-*


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