What happened to ‘ I only love you . ‘ ?

Hello ~ This is My face right now , full of determination to finish uploading overdue pictures to my blog and go to bath and sleep . I’M SO FREAKING TIRED FROM WORKKKKK D:

Sooo yeap enjoy the pictures , The pictures that shows I’m in the uniform were taken on last wednesday after school and I went to find Mummy ^^ , I saw Kenjiiiii ! I miss him sooooo much kyaaaaaaa !! He cut botak because He’s appearing in the Jack Neo’s film , ‘ Ah boys to men ‘ Or something like that…… Keep a lookout for him okay when you guys watch the show ^-^

Mingxuan come find me before he came so She accompanied me to some gift shops to find a suitable present for Somebodyyyyy ~

Then I saw a unicorn , A UNICORN , HUZZZZZAHHHHH LOL . Aiyah you see the picture then you know everything le k , I damn lazy to caption each and every one of them already because I REWROTE this post . Why ah wordpress? Do you have any idea why ? *Give Death Glares*

Then walk around Compass point and went back to shop and camwhore but this time with Mummy Serene inside c:

AND THEY KISS ME AT BOTH OF MY CHEEEKKKKKK !! :$ , I seriously felt very shy because…….I just felt like that . LOL . Damn paiseh lor omfggggg kekekekeke .

”I saw everyone of your family members that day, except , you , and it hurts , cause I was missing you very much. ”

Sooooo yeap , lepak awhile more with Mingxuan and left together ^^

Today’s Hewett’s birthdayyyyy ~

Hewhew ah,Big boy liao ah, Don’t be lame anymore okay :p

Anywayyyy , I hope you enjoyed last saturday alot c: , and please come to school tomorrow alright , I need to pass you your present -> Birthday punches  .

I won’t say much here though ,because I sent you an advance message like….. few days long before your birthday -__-‘

So much for being Me hor .HAHAHAHHA WHAT TO DO LEHHHHH , I took a picture with you right , but I cannot post here because SHAWN LEOWWWWWW never whatsapp me the pictures :s , if not I post here already . But I doubt you’ll see this post anyway . kekekekeke . Cause you don’t know how awesome am I here . ELL ‘O’ ELL BRB PUKING AT MY LAMENESS .

K back . SOOOOOOO YEAH , Thanks for appearing in my life ^-^ , Though you damn guailan ( like I said in the text message) , but I still can eh tahan , cause I’m awesomeeeee c: , and you’re funny , like jerrold , like edward , like a clown . LOOOOL . I’m boring me now -__- ,


Kbai ~


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