Soooooooooo , H…

Soooooooooo , Helloooooooooooooooo Everyone . I am at Headshot right now , with Bby , Emily , Kelly , Hongsheng , Anthony , Choon Keat , Shawn & Jerrold !

Firstly , Congrats to Kelly & Jerrold ! ~ ❤


I didn’t went to school today , cause I was really tired -_-‘

But I didn’t sleep , I was like , interneting the whole day as usual . LOL, Buttttttttttttt ! I did rest for like five minutes. Which obviously isn’t really enough .

Lepak till 3+ , Then went down my house to meet my boyfrienddddddddddddd , He come to fetch me ! ^^

Then took 101 and went to Hougang mall to meet up with the others except Kelly & Shawn .

Had Fillet-O-Fish for lunner , LOL .  Then took train to Serangoon and went to fetch Kelly ! Jerrold was like damn KAN CHIONG , KANCHIONKANCHIONGKANCHIONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG . PBBFT .

And we walked like one whole round before we reached Peicai Secondary .

Then we took a SHORTER road back to Serangoon;Nex .

Then met Shawn at Nex;Macdonald .

Went to Library and study , which HAHHAHAHAHAHAH ME STUDY ? Miracle happens no ?!

I didn’t study , I played around , when Prelim’s like…………. Monday ? I am so screwed ;’)

Went there for awhile , Went for dinner after that , which I didn’t really eat because I wasn’t hungry , so I ate fruits, THEN WENT TO SEE BUNNIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS , SO FLUFFY , Will update the pictures soon okay ! Cause I’m using computer now . :/

Went to arcade which was just boring as hell , cause I don’t play arcade games ._.

I only played like……….3(?) rounds of Bishi Bashi with Emily and Kelly , then stopped , cause I sucked in it . LOL . I’m a sucker at games , I admit .

Then totally slacked around , like really slacked -_________-‘ , Saw Rucui and Her Boyfriend ! Last long yo (:

Then we took 81 to Headshot , which I AM HERE NOW 😀 , I am like kinda hungry :s , Craving for tasty ! Hope to get them later ! *winks*

L4D2 Now , Byeeeeeee ~



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