Bye July ! Hello August! <3

Welll hello ! July is gonna be gone in 6minutes , and August will be coming in 6minutes time . LOL .

Soooo here’s some really random pictures I took in july ! Where some is like…damn unglam , but eh I think I look acceptable rightttt ^-^

The pictures are part of a summary , that makes me think of how I spent my july, and I feel blessed ^-^

Thank you June for being wonderful ! ❤

Soooo my summary , like very short . LOL .

I got together with my ex , broke up in the end , which I AM glad , cause I manage to found my boyfrienddddddd ❤

I love you bby ! ❤

Celebrated Hewhew’s birthday~ Had stayovers , made a song cover , had loads of fun & laughter , get angry , cried , but most importantly , I was me , and I smiled (:

Soo yeah , some pictures are like damn random . Enjoy stealing my pictures and download some app in your phone that destroy people faces and destroy mine okie ! Lol !

Kbai ~ ❤




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