Well hello read…

Well hello readers , just a reallllllllly short post alright !

7th Month coming in half and hour , or maybe come liao , at 11……..but I don’t know la fml . I hate 7th Month , it’s like so creepy , if only I didn’t know something like this exist , I wouldn’t think so much already , and most of you guys clever uh , before 11 either go bath or sleep ………… All ai zai la okay ;-; , Me ? I haven even do both . Mati liao la ~

So went to school late today , went home with Jerrold , then after that met Bby , Beloved and Choon Keat ~

Went to eat Yong Chun Mian at Avenue 8 ! It’s been so long since I last ate it , like becoming worst though…….. LOL.  Anyways , bought the ‘ ice jelly’ for my mama cause She really really really likes it …… like it’s her childhood dessert or something , that rarely sells nowadays anymore . 

After eating , went back to My house and continued watching Phobia 1 , FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU DAMN SCARY SUMPAH KNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ;A;

Simba came when we watched halfway.

Jitao most of the time I just keep My hair infront so as to ‘comfort ‘ myself that nothing gonna happen , and if something did , I will still kanna protected because of my hair infront of my face :s

K I know I damn humji and all la wtf x_x .

Watched the first story of Phobia 2 , then went to hougang mall to meet Emily & Erin ! :)))))))))

Awhile later Hongsheng & Shawn came . (:

Then they all study luh Lol . Ji guai yi xia worhhhhhhhh all :p

So yeap…… accompanied Simba , Choonkeat & Shawn to eat with Bby , then Bby send me home ^-^

SO YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , Sorry if this sound damn rush or something ….. that’s cause I’m rushing so I can go to bath . hehehe k bai x


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