Hey guys!
Went to watch a local movie two days ago (:
Called 胆小鬼见鬼 if I’m not wrong .
Watched with boyfriend , Emily , Kelly , Erin and Simba (:
Not bad the show , It’s a comedy-horror show , would rate it 7/10 . As for lame-Ness around 8/10. LOLOL 😡
康康 & NO-NO was starring in the movie ! So overall I can say it was Good :p
Anyways , after the movie , Yikai, Simba & Hongsheng came after that ^^ then we went to eat nebo! 😀
It’s been so long since I’ve last went there . Hehe!
Then after that we went to arcade then went home .__.’
So ya cut the story short because I have some exciting news to share later on ^^
Sooooo today .
I went to church . Magnificent as always ;-; I would have forgotten the feeling of being in God’s house again if it wasn’t for a dream that I dreamt.
Ate 红烧牛肉拉面. Damn big serving la wtf..


Had appetizer called pig ear something something before my noodles came.
It’s freaking oily… like seriously -_-


Look at it la wtf .__.” It’s quite good but its really really …. oily -_-

So anywaysssss, after dinner , Daddy sent me and mummy to Jubilee square that’s located just beside the amk hub to make new specs for myself ! ^^
And guess what….?

(No really just scroll down you won’t regret Lol.)

Just alittle more (:

There’s a pet shop just beside the specs shop !!!
And there was bunniesssss!!!
So pictures c:






Cute right! These are only half of the shop bunnies! There’re more!
And the light grey is so cute right!! The dark grey too!! It’s like damn tiny and cute max omg…. but ya . The one in with black spots is really cute too!! So I continuously told my mom I wanted it. LOLOL . The three together that one costed like 780$ each . Like wtf x__x”

So yeah LOLOL .
Went to work at 6, and just got home .__. The usual people are coming to find me . Hehehe x)

So I’m done with my blog post :p kinda short though…. but its been a fruitful day ^^

Oh the exciting news? I got a bunny :p




Oh yeah. H3h3h3 >:)
I am so happy! My mother really loves me . I’m thankful ^-^

It’s really expensive .. but its okay la because its gonna accompany me for a very long time since Samuel Korkor is staying in his Uni while Daniel Korkor gonna serve his NS :/
And my attention span on something is really short , So hopefully my attention span will last for a very long time for this little one ❤
And It's really quiet now .__."
So hopefully it'll be better during these past few days … ya'know like get used to the environment ;/
Abrupt ending LOLOL but bye till then x


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