ChompChomp Day 1 & 2 and Mid-Autumn Festival part 2


Oh my god , Hey guys !! It’s The first day of November ! How is it going for you guys ?!?!? 🙂 

It’s the 100th day of me and My boyfriend being together ! Haha ! Okayokay ,  So I have ALOTTTT to update about ! So happy viewing ? ^^ , I have 7 things I’m suppose to blog about , two is about Birthday Celebration , One is about the trip to Legoland & USS , One is about my day during lantern festival , GEEK’s 6th’ month outing and Day 1&2 of Chompchomp ! 

Well I shall do two of it first then the rest I’ll cut them into different post so check it out soon alright ? I’ll try my best to do all 7 of them in 3 days *cross fingers* 

Soooooo let’s start !

Okay first off , My boyfriend is sleeping infront of me while I’m slogging my heads off blogging , okay not really slogging….. But here goes (: 


ChompChomp Day 1. 

Okay so I went to chomp chomp twice for the past many many years ! Like seriously ! I think the last time I went to chompchomp was last last week , LOLOL , Or last week 😡 

First time I was with My boyfriend , Emily & Kelly ^-^ , That day was our third month Lolol and before that Me and my boyfriend made spaghetti at my house (: Mushroom Alfredo Cream Half cook half uncooked pasta 😡

But it tasted good nonetheless ^-^ 

ImageA picture of me while waiting for the spaghetti to cook 😡 Image

Our food !! 🙂

So we had this and lepak awhile before we went to Nex and meet with Emily & Kelly ! So we reached Nex and met up with them and headed to Chomp Chomp! and We had quite a feast , and the drinks were like REALLLLLLLY BIG , LIKE SUPER DUPER BIG and I had to finish almost two drinks of Sugarcane while bby eat alot of drumsticks and Emily and Kelly ate the chicken wings 😡 , I ate alittle of of everything as I was really full , We had Lala , Stingray , Chicken Wings and Satay ! and It was like only four of us so We literally had to stuff ourselves to the brim of our throat ,LOLOLOL Okay not that dramatic la lol . So we ate till 11+ and by that time there wasn’t any bus for us to head back to Nex anymore 😦 , So no choice we took a cab ~ 

Day 2 ~

This time was Me , Hewett ( My boyfriend o_O ) , Emily ,Kelly , Simba , Hongsheng and Choonkeat , We ordered alot more this time round as we had our big eater Simba o_O , He damn pro one he , Like my bro , LOLOL . We had the usual but this time alot more quantity (: 

So after we had our meals , We went to eat desserts ! So we walked around Across the street of ChompChomp’s to look for desserts c:
But sadly the shop that they wanted to go was closed to we went to another dessert place ! 

We had Chocolate Fondue, Banana split and Butterscotch ! It was sooooo gooooooooood *lick lips* 



Then I camwhored there , LOL . 

Be warneddddd , My face :p 


We had fun and the food was awesome , just that it was pretty pricey 😡 , But the atmosphere and everything was really good ;3 , I’m looking forward to go there again ^-^ , Provided I have $$ LOL . 

Oh yeah Chomp Chomp was awesome !! It’s been very long since I went there , excluding twice of this time , I mean , the last time I went was……..Primary 5 maybe ? and I remember I went there for beancurd only . LOL . 


Previously i blogged about Mid-Autumn Festival , If you hadn’t read about it yet you may view it here

-> https://lovethatexist.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/mid-autumn-festival/

So This is like …… part two ? :p haha ! 

So the day of Mid-Autumn festival , My sisters and Brothers (Except Anthony who was studying for his exams I think and Varat who is in Thailand Lolol . ) gathered around and celebrated ^-^ , We were waiting for this day for so long ! Okay maybe only GEEK lol , cause we had some things to burn (: 


After burning some unwanted stuff , it was time for us to play around :3 

We had candles , lanterns , fireworks and zippo , hehe , Few of us made some words or shapes with candles and played around with the wax , I LOVE THE FEEL OF THE WAX ON MY SKIN O_O ,It feels damn good to me , Lol , I feel so sadistic hehehe . 

Anyways , We played around and here are some pictures ^v^ 


We had our names arranged and poured zippo all over it and light it up , it was really cool o_O 

No floor was really damaged * 

and here is how it looks like when the fire was on our names c: 


Pretty cool huh <: , It was all bluey lolol . 

We also made some shapes Lolol  .


Bby made this ^-^ Cool right Lolol . 

Then he put a firework in the middle after that , LOLOL , Damn creative bodoh .____.’ 





I made this ^^ , First time do such thing Lolol , last year I don’t think I did anything pretty because I was pretty much clueless , HAH . It’s a BIG FAT HEARTSHAPE C: 



Erin did this !! Chio righttttt ! So touched ;’) , If you can’t see what is this , this is ‘GEEK’ c: Us sistersssss~ 

After getting bored with candles , We decided to play with Fireworks! ^^ 

and We kinda vandalized the wall while playing around 😡 
Hopefully noone reports us x_x 



Then we played happily with fireworks and the boys decided to throw around fireworks at the nearby field -_- , WASTE LOR ): 

Then we and the girls hang lanterns at the trees just beside the nearby field , but it was gone the next day……FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- 

Then awhile later Hongsheng came along and Sean left cause he had to go somewhere , telling us he would come and find us later but in the end he didn’t -_-‘ apparently he fell asleep at his friend’s house .

So we played True or Dare ^-^ , It was okayyyyy ~ 

The last round kanna by Simba and Erin 😡 , They had to hold hands LOLOL But halfway along sending Erin home they stopped holding hands , slacked awhile at mac and all of us went home ^_^ 

Took this while sending Erin home ~





Got artistic feel anot ! HEHEHEHEHEHE LOL .


Took a photo with Kelly but I don’t know where is it….. :/ 

So yeappppp ~ There you go ! (: Two different topics in one post for ya ~ Quite long I think 😡 

Okay la it’s okay for me , I hardly blog anymore because I mostly blogged thru phone when I use wifi at home , but I hardly do that now because it’s pretty burdensome and very tiring for my fingers 😡 

So I’ll try to blog more often since I have control over the macbook now :p 

and I don’t really have September or October pictures for ya since I only used the macbook today -_- , and I hardly take pictures with my phone 😡 

Okay excuses excuses excuses *shakes head* 

a picture of me before I end this post so none of you would forget my pretty face <: 



Adios ~ ❤ 





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