Birthday Post :D :D :D


I wanna Thank my lovely , amazing , best of the ultimate best parents for making love and having me(LOLOL BEEEEEEP) , because without them , I wouldn’t be here blogging my ass off (Okay not really lol sorry okieeeeee ) , I especially want to Thank my mum for giving birth with an ginormous amount of pain on her tummy , Thank you mama and papa 🙂 , I Love you both veryyyyy much ! Even though I don’t really express it out , cause I’m really not the type that express my feelings out unless I cannot control like crying and smiling and lying and being grumpy hehehe . I get cheesed out easily lolol . :s I love you both so much ❤ . Thank you thank you thank you , I don’t think words can actually express how I’m thankful towards both of you but I tried my best alright . LOLOL . Oh and Thank you both for always giving me what I want , Like Yeobo from Mummy , $$ from Daddy , YES PEOPLE , I’M PAMPERED. ell’o’ell .

I also want to Thank my brothers , Samuel and Daniel , for tolerating my whining at times ( LOL I’M YOUR BABY SIS OKIE *-* ) , For tolerating shyt from me though I don’t give much LOLOL , I appreciate chats with both of you alot cause We hardly ever talked since we have so many stuff we have to complete around us especially to Daniel , since He’s the once that almost the same talking feel and all and say unnecessary vulgarities but hardly talk since you’re like … the shy one ? Umm I dunno . LOLOL , And to Samuel my fatty c: , We have alot of fun together most of the time even though you are reallllly naggy yet weird sometimes and detest people speaking vulgarities x_x I still love both of youuuuu ! <3333

I want to also Thank these Lovely People , Chelsea , Joel , Deirdre , Andy , Murphy , Tiffy , Su , Rem ( Apple’s Bro ) , Apple ( Though I don’t really know you very very well 😡 ) , Daryl , Nadyn , Nicole Mummy , MingXuan , Mummy Serene , Edward , Kaevinn , Brian , ChoonKeat , Simba , Sean , Aloy , Hongsheng , Ant , Randy , Vin , Zon , Jiaan , Divya ,  uhmmmm all of you for appearing in my life ,  some I might not know welll of but I’m grateful that some of you stayed and never left but some that left , I wish you well because it had been a pleasure knowing that you guys were with me at some point of time 😉 and to some of you that I didn’t mention , I’m sorry okie :s , My brain is filled with happiness now LOLOL so cannot think properly .

I want to also also Thank Emilyyyyy and Kellyyyyyyyy , and Erinnnnnn , My babybaby sisters for always being by my side , I want to let you know I still love all of you okie , equally ah ! I knowwwwww I knowwwww , I always with Boyfriend , I’m like that ”bitch” you both hate now LOL , But don’t hate me okieeee ! * shows the sumo pose * Thank you these 3 ,For appearing , and never left since , Especially what happened in the first half of the year , All of you never left by my side , Even though I got abused by some fucking bastard ( FUCK YOU K , IF YOU SEE THIS 🙂 , I TYPE WHATEVER SHIT I WANT , FUCK YOU -‘- You lowly bastard man , I hope fucking karma gets you you motherfucker ) , all of you encouraged me to quit alot of things and give up shit but I didn’t 😡 , I appreciated all your concerns and um…… love ? *CHEESY MOMENT FOR ME FML * Even though we had quarrels or arguements here and there but we always stick by each other , okay not like super glue like that la , LOL , but whenever we need each other , We always have either one of us or two or all beside each other 😉 , Thank you 3 alot alot alright  , like many many much much very very ! Gomawo ~ *aegyo * c:

I also also also want to Thank Dewi , My sissy , who had been there for me most of the times whenever I had problems she would auto whatsapp / text me and help me with my problems , giving advices and stuff ;’) , Thank you sissyy , I know you’re having some problems now and I want you to be strong ( if you ever read this actually ) , either way I want you to be strong okay ? You have many true friends around you so don’t be afraid to keep things to yourself , and you’re pretty so don’t get upset about yourself being ugly , you’re not ugly , you’re pretty alright ? Have some faith in yourself !! 🙂 ❤ I love you sissyyyyy ❤ and help me Thank Divya and sorry for not being able to buy stuff from her cause I got short of cash :[

and Lastly , I want to thank my Boyfriend , Bby Koh ~ without you , is like …… Idk man hehehe 😡 You know I cannot say cheesy stuff one , because even I get cheesy with myself LOLOL BUTTTTTT , Without you , I really really really , don’t know how I can be Happy with someone ever actually ❤ Five years from now , You’ll be my fiancé and I’ll be your fiancée that’s planning our wedding and relive our younger days 😡 , but for now , let the dreams run wild with each other and have fun 🙂 I really really cannot express how much I appreciate you being with me even words because I’m really grateful that You’re here with me , not planning to leave me 😡 , and pamper me like a pwrincesssss hehehe 😛
Thank you for always being to affectionate towards me and awkward lolol , Thank you for forgiving me even though it’s your fault or let me forgive you even if it’s my fault , you’re always heart soft soft and stick beside me most of the time , letting me bully you ALWAYS LOLOL But you cannot bully me cause I say so 😡 I love you till infinityyyyy (∞) and beyond bby ~

Okay enough typing , I shall present to youuuuuu , * drum roll * , MY UNGLAM PICTURESSSSSS 😀 Enjoy laughing or gawking or smiling or whatever okie , I don’t really care 😛


Till next time , Take care ya’ll ! Be happy ~ ^^


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