Happy 1st year babyyyyyy !


HIHI. Sooooooo , I survived doomsday . LOL . I really cannot believe scientist said that doomsday will be postponed . like wtf ??? They really have nothing to do besides reading when is the world gonna die or something ? -_-‘

Anywayyyyy , if you have been following me for a pretty long time , TODAY IS MY FIRST YEAR AND 2 DAYS ANNI 😀 , I know I know I’m late for postingggggg , but hey , let’s parteyyyyyyy *dance around like a retard in my PJs*

I’m really happy that I actually got to have this ‘blog’ since most of the time ( okay not most of the time…..) I write everything out here , and I’m glad . hohoho . I still remember I was really retarded into doing this , but hey ! I did right ? (: I don’t think I’m making much sense now . urghhhhh . so anyway , I guess I shall blog about how

I spent my birthday and go on watching The Mentalist Season 3 .

11/12/2012 ♡

So Kelly , Emily ,Simba and My boyfriend were the ones who was with me for the first few minutes of my birthday , 🙂 , I got two birthday kisses on my cheek by Emily and Kelly (hohoho)

Sent Kelly off and bade farewell with Emily and Simba while boyfriend send me home .

Slacked at home , Nothing much actually….. just watch some shows . LOL .

Slept at 6+ I guess and woke up in the afternoon to get some free birthday lunch with My Mommmmm! She treat me c:

So we went to Nex and had Mad Jack , the food was ….. meh . I thought it would be better ,

guess I sucked at ordering .

Got some fish and chips and make it a meal ( an addition of a drink ,soup of the day :Mushroom I think , and a plate of Dessert ) and a plate of fried mushrooms .

Waited around 15mins and the food came ☺

IMAG0975 IMAG0979

All is good muahahahahahahahha okay the fish and chips were actually really oily that I had to peel the fried part and just eat the fish , same goes for the mushrooms, I think they reused their oil which is REALLY unhealthy and bad for health :c

Fish and Chips is unhealthy enough but with the oil? Urghhh . *-*

So Me and Mum finished everything and came the Dessert . IT WAS SUPER NICE .

IMAG0982SUPER DUPER RICH CHOCOLATE with Ice cream , Literally the nicest combination that I really liked , and the ice cream doesn’t melt very fast so it was awesome . *saliva coming out *

After finishing , We went to Baskin’ Robins to get my birthday cake !! Total love ok ! Cheesecake flavor with an outer layer of oreo . damn yums ok !

I don’t really have the pictures in my com but I’ll show it to you guys soon alright ! Cause I took pictures with My dslr so it’s pretty hard for me to upload them unto wordpress because it’s such a bitch when it comes to uploading HD pictures .

Bought it and went to Get the card for the lucky draw at Nex ( Santa mail) .

One minute of out of topic .


*cough * okay back again .

So I went home after getting the card , Mom didn’t ate much of the food cause afterwards she went to the city to meet her old classmates for some buffet , Sooooooo….. left me and my cake , got on the bus and had boyfriend got on the bus halfway and went to my house to lepak. Lepaked till 8+ , watching the Japanese show and painting my nails and went to meet Emily and co. ( Simba , Ck , Kelly,Jerrold ) infront of my house for a bbq session ! 🙂 , which I actually found it like…. pretty much a failure cause they took afew hours to make the fire and the bad part is coming soon . (BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT !!! I really appreciated it .Everything , the food , the people , the presents , EVERYTHING 🙂 , Thanks guys! *tears coming out from my eyes ) Thank you for coming ;’)

and that day was the day I received most presents . LOOOOOL . I’m super touched . ;D



IMAG0997Firstlyyyyy , Thank you Bby for the walletttt ! I LOVE IT OMG LOVE LOVE ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

I really wanted a wallet for a really long time and My boyfriend got it for meee ;D *still excited *

Thank you Emily , Kelly and Yuting for the polaroid ! I was really shock and you know what ? I honestly still cannot believe I have a polaroid muahahahahhahaha YES . Especially thanks to Emily for planning out the bbq and the one who suggested to get the polaroid ♡

Thanks Yuting for rushing down from home after work to come and celebrate ^-^ and Thank you so much for the Sweets and the card you made for me ! Thanks for making an effort ! 😀 I loved it ! Especially the sweetsss ! They are freaking nice . and chewy , and soft c:

Thank you Simba and Ck for the Cushion Pandaaaaaaaa !!! 😀

And lastlyyyyyy , Kelly for the Letter and for Bongbong ^-^ I don’t really know who got bongbong for me except kelly so………. Thank you to whoever who chipped in ? ^v^

Thanks Jerrold for being forced to come down even though you didn’t want to . LOL .

But still , Thanks Guise =)

Back to everythingg , hehehe , Chilled around the bbq pit and decided to go avenue 8 to get some fire starter or something like that , but it was going to be 11 so I went back home first to celebrate with My family , Samuel came back especially and bought me two soft toys c:

One was a bear wearing a purple shirt holding a star that say :’ Happy birthday  ‘ and a Sagittarius pig , it was really sweet of him to come back from his hostel and celebrate with me … which I was really touched ;’)

Celebrated and took pictures with Mom and Sam and left after eating some of the ice cream cake , it was nice and relaxing for a moment c:

Left to find my clique again and they surprised me with a Baskin’ Robins  cake ! LOLOL ! Damn coincidence can .They got me a cotton candy cake , MY FAVORITE FLAVOR YUMS YUMS YUMSSSSSSSSSSSS and Yuting was there ^-^

So we kinda slacked around again ,chit chat and then the police came , LOL . wtf man , totally ruin my day :c , technically it wasn’t really my day anymore lol but still , they asked us to leave -_- wtf man , I was pretty pissed off since the CC who let us booked the bbq pit didn’t tell us any time limit and the police gave us one , like wtf ? What rights did he have man bloody fucker . -_- So we packed up slowly, slacked around and they literally forced us to leave with their presence , made me so pissed off lol. But anywayyyy , it was fun , it was good , it was ….. nice . Thanks guise, I love it . Thank you ❤




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