Heyyyyyyyyy !!


HIIIIIIIIIIIII * waves at a sea of nobody*

I know I know , I haven’t been blogging much lately , even if I did I would protect them 😦

I’m so sorry because things have been happening so much lately it’s hard for me to update every single nice thing that happened to me .

First off , I’m waiting for my results for April intake ITE and time is just passing by like …….passing by lolol . It just sucks because I’m not motivated to do anything everyday except having some video cum movie marathon . Oh and meeting my lovely boy . Time that passed by will never be retrieved ever again . Everyone is so hectic while I’m just literally throwing my life away because I am a boring girl who’s life is just sucks amazeballs .

Afew updates on some stuff since I have so much time on my hands now . I’ve been sleeping really early lately omg like seriously , 7+ am ?!?!? Jeez Christ I need to get a grip of myself . GYM LATER ON *motivation but not gonna really happen *

Right now I’m listening to Breathe Slow by Alesha Dixon . it’s a 4 years ago song and it’s still rocks as usual every single time I’m wasting my time away , I’m thinking of doing a song cover…………………. I’ve forgotten who intro-ed me this song but whoever who’s that , Thank you 🙂 , This song has been with me most of my secondary school days whenever I’m troubled over things OR when I had seriously the motivation to work out dammit .

Went for dinner just now with My lovely Ladies ! – Emily , Kelly and Erin ~

I miss them soooooooooo much seriously ! Ate at Jack Place , It was okay , plus it’s student meal so I can’t complain much :p Chit chatted around and got updates about their life and part of me feel nice because seeing us like this again after so long of not being able to meet is just comforting .

Oh yeahhhhhhhhh , CNY . It was okay . 🙂 It’s just everything lesser than next year , people , angbao , blessing blablabla , but it’s nice seeing my cousins :3 it’s quite a boring CNY I must say hehehe .

Well for the past few hours there has been this fly flying around me la , it’s fucking annoying and I almost killed it but I was late by a sec ………………… URGH .Freaking dislike it seriously , My room has atLEAST one fly flying around every night . I think there’s a place for them to stay somewhere………. *glares at the rooftop stairs*

Valentine’s Day was good for me :3 , Lovely day hehehehe but baby everyday with you is valentine’s day to me ❤ *cheesy shock * STOP BEING CHEEEEEESY ALREADY . Bought Baby a CARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRATO . It’s a carrot………….that I like . SO CUTE OK .

I don’t think I have much to say anymore……… 13 days to Sanduel’s birthday ~ * copy kelly lololol *

ARROW TV SERIES IS AWESOME . Must watch guys !


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