Well Hello! I’ve been posting really emo quite lately so Imma change things up abittt c:

I don’t know if I wrote on my blog before that Yeobo Gave birth , she tried once but unfortunately , the babies died ;/ , second time round was really successful and She was such a Dear to her babies despite them trying to cling on their momma hehehehehe
It’s been 2 months since She gave birth and I gave two of the babies up to Emily lolol 😛
So I uh… Currently have 3 .

One Boy ( Maemae) , one girl ( Yeobo ) and another unknown gender < inserts crying laughing emoji here LOLOL )


The first is Maemae lah , Second is Yeobo , and Third are the babies , I kept the fluffy white one , THEY’RE SO FLUFFY AND ADORBS OMGGGG *sighs blissfully*

So ya , I guess that’s about it * shrugs*

Just kidding ! I’m blogging thru ma phone while on my way home ~
I just end work so I guess I decided to spare some time to blog alittle .
Random Thought Of The Day ( RTOTD) :
Well uhhhh, I’m kinda liking my job …. I do hate it ya’know but the staffs there actually took some time to teach me stuff and make me do things I don’t normally do at home Ell’O’Ell . Perioddddddd .

I just thought of this lol – 10 things about me you might not really know .

1) I LOVE THE SCRIPT . Gahhhhhh I love them I love them I love them !!!!!!!!!
They’re freaking awesome and they always seem to sing my thought out which is like… SUPER COOL?!?

2) I feel that my character is pretty cool * no shame *
I’m mix of alil here and there , be it culture , language , tone , style ( not that I have a style :X )
Like I have alittle of the ( NO OFFENSE PLEASEEEE * whines* ) nigga , white , bimbo and Asian attitude in me kekekekekeke . I’m a mix of everything and will show it to you either when I’m really bored or I think you’re pretty close to me be it if we agree on things together , personally or being on the same wavelength as me( thinking wise guiseeeee) , if not I can be rally awkward , which brings me to my 3rd point ,

3) I am really awkward . * grins inwardly *
I really am guiseeeeee v____v * curls up a Pedo smile on my face *
I’m like , a potato . Huhuhu T-T
An awkward potato . C:
Especially to people who wants to start a conversation with me , I am freaking awkward and shy and I think I’ll just stare at you like you’re a shapeshifter and just shaped yourself into a giant fat lizard . Which I think you get the drift when I’m gonna state my 4th point .

4 ) I am socially awkward . * Lets have a minute of silence *

I do not really socialize , and even if I do , I don’t do it very well . Period .

I don’t do well with chats especially if I find you good looking :$

BUT , if I do ever start a conversation with you , be honored . LOL .
I don’t do that unless you’re really close or someone whom I think should know better before I judge you by what others say about you . YEAH I JUDGE . #YOLO . * smirks *
Just kidding , I don’t really judge , I would term it as ‘ assuming to sum up your whole character *

Aside from the thing I’m doing now , GUISEEEE IM BURNING OMG . I’m under the scorching sun waiting for my freaking bus which is suppose to come like …. 10 MINUTES AGO . 😡
Okay it just arrived . Kekekekekeke !

Well , or I just wanna know you better .

5) I find myself ummmm… Wise enough to make decisions * cough cough* , like seriously . I do think and sometimes decide things in my head :3

I don’t know why I myself typing find it really uh…. Untrue . LOLOL . I feel like I’m making a joke but I’m not !!! Guise ???? * looks around at the empty space and grind my teeth awkwardly *

Well I know that if I really decide to do this , I’ll do this . If there’s obstacles along the way , I’ll do anything to move it out of the way and continue , especially if its something I love doing . ^^

6) I have a habit of squeezing my pimples T-T I guess I only have myself to blame when acne scars appear on my face T-T

7) I can live my life without a phone . It’s the truth . I really can , confiscate my phone for days I wouldn’t really care actually :s
I mean , I had a life before I got my first phone ( that was like in sec 1 , about … 4+++ years ago??)
I don’t really give two cents about whether I have a phone or not , but if I do have a phone it better be a good one hehehe !
I think the reason I want a phone is to contact people easier , but recently I don’t have alot of people to contact to anymore and use my phone mostly for Social networks like Twitter and Instagram :/ .
Other than that my phone is usually un-disturbed 4/5 of the entire day.
I guess the only time I will panic or get piss off when I don’t have a phone is when I have a boyfriend to contact to or I need to do stuffs , which I don’t now and I have nothing much to do but try to spend my day as fulfilling as possible .
8) I love reading :$ I have an inner geek in me lolol 😡 I do read fanfics !!! And teenage fictions mostly . I like romance and comedy and abit of darkness lurking in story plots . It gives a pinch of mystery and makes me wanna not stop reading !

9) I am very quiet and think alot . I tend to be quiet most of the time when I’m outside or I’m alone ( I’m a weirdo I know lolol) .
I might said this afew times in blog posts but I do , alot more than anyone ever think :/

10) I’m the type of person that agree on stuff to do even though I might hate it . I don’t show myself to people alot actually :/ ( might sound really ironic ) I keep things to myself because since young I didn’t have anyone to talk to . I have to make myself not me and TRY to blend into society so that people will like me . It’s kinda sad actually but I don’t wanna probe further . ( Save it for the more later emo posts ya’know? * winks*It’s not really something I’m proud of too , so Imma make another happy fact about me !

11) I do ALOT of spazzings and get hyper . Gahhh if I were to be compared to someone who says the same , I bet I will instantly crush the person kekekekekeke ! I spazz at the littlest actions or things people do , I don’t normally show it but if I do then good for you ??? I know times when I don’t show I look really unappreciative but inside me I really feel very grateful but I don’t wanna show it out incase people use it as a weakness to me next time * growls *

So Yeap . I guess that’s about me! A little part of me hehehe . Hope y’all enjoyed ! Till Next time ~




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