Labour Day ! 010514

Today was absolutely fantastic and well spent !! πŸ™‚
Woke up around 11:45 and went to the living room to see my parents chit chatting HAHAHAHA .
Then my parents asked me where do I wanna go for lunch and I suggested to go to Far East plaza and have Japanese food there because the last time I went it was sooooo good omg just damn good ugh . @.@

So my mum brought me and Sammy out πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ but while on the way there we got notice that the place was full and told us to go to another outlet of theirs which was located at Cuppage plaza .
So we alighted at Somerset and walked in search of fabulous Japanese food YUMMMMMMMM ASFKLAFHLKL
It was actually about a 5minute walk to Cuppage plaza but we took around 10 minutes LOL because we didn’t know where cuppage plaza was LOLOL. But we still got there in the end and ordered some food πŸ˜€





The atmosphere was really nice and the setting and everything was so pretty!!! The set up of the whole place was just so cool like you really feel like you’re in japan because of the whole set up πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)!!!
My mum had the lunch promotion set which was salmon with tofu salad ,a bowl of rice, two slice of orange , seaweed&tofu miso soup which uhhhh I didn’t take a picture of because I was busy stuffing my face πŸ˜… oh yeah and I ordered the same thing I had at Far East plaza πŸ™‚ I got the bento set and Sammy got the one with noodles um I forget the dish name ok oops

Anyway to summarize my lunch it was really good hehe but I’d still prefer the outlet at Far East plaza tho πŸ™‚ it’s pretty cosy but at the same time very crowded too! If any of you intend to go there for lunch or dinner one day please call a day in advance to book πŸ™‚
The restaurant at Far East plaza is called Nanbantei Japanese restaurant while the one at Cuppage plaza is called Shinjuku Japanese restaurant . I know I know different name but the owner and menu most of it are the same but the lunch promotion at both side are different . I was told by the waitress at Shinjuku they change up their lunch promotion every month or so so I find it really nice tho like not everything the same every month omg yeah HAHAHAHA . FOODGASM ALSKDAHAKSLFJ

Note to self & maybe everyone : there’s bars just beside Cuppage plaza which I find it relaxing like you could just chill with your mates and not a lot of people really go there in my opinion and it’s pretty quiet πŸ™‚

So after lunch we walked to Wisma Atria to check out * holds breath*


(Photo credit to the Line app )

THE LINE STORE IN SINGAPORE!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱 OH MY GOD HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE everything was so cute there was Statue of Cony& Brown right outside the store and also other characters that you usually see or use in the Line app except James the bimbo HAHAHA
We had to queue ( yes have to T_T) to step in the store as the space around was very limited and also the area was really small 😦 we had to queue about 20-30minutes (?) to went in . And then it was time to go in and Sammy and I went to hijack the place HAHAHAHA KIDDING but everything was just so overpriced 😦 but mum bought some stuff for us in the end because the plastic bag was so darn cute too omg look


So cute right omg !!!!! While we were queuing I saw people coming out with the plastic bag carrying their purchases and I was just thinking ‘ OH MY GOD I HAVE TO GET THAT ITZ SHO CUTE AKDHAHAKDLHKSHAKL ‘ * screams internally *

Well after our purchases we wanted to go for the lucky draw but we were a tad late I guess 😦 I know very cheapskate very typical Singaporean I know 😦 I don’t care it’s Line hello ok ok ah ok HAHAHAHAHA



Sammy took pictures with Brown&Cony so kawaii o(≧口≦)o かわいい o(≧口≦)o

So we walked around wisma atria & to takashimaya at ngee ann city and there was this super huge sales over there omg bags shoes perfumes sunglasses everything !!! Mostly all 50% or more it was crazy !!! But I didn’t get anything I almost did tho but I thought like I probably don’t really wear it a lot anyway so meh. Mum got one pair for herself but in the end she found it not to her liking so she asked for a refund or smth . Sammy went home by then because he was sooooo tired >_> but I’m glad he enjoyed himself today and seeing him so excited over the Line store makes me feel so blessed that I’m able to see him in such a state sometimes πŸ™‚

So mum and I went to look at pandora at taka and she got me an unicorn charm which I have been wanting for so long !!!!!!!! Omg I just feel so overwhelmed by everything today it’s just super splendid today ok .

I still can’t believe she got it for me even though I didn’t really need it I just wanted it badly I am so not a spendthrift type of person ok hais

So after that we just came back home and I went cycling with daddy!!!! It was a damn good workout i think I’m back in the game pretty soon I just can’t wait to get my gym sticker from my sport & wellness teacher so I can gym in class and motivate and feel motivated together with my classmates !!!




A picture of daddy taking a Photo of me Lmaoooooo HAHAHAHAH .
After that we rode to out nearby supermarket and got bread & fruit and went home πŸ™‚
It has been such a fulfilling day for me I just hope there will be more days like these to come πŸ™‚ for now I just want to save money and buy things for the ones I love and also get back in shape and do well for my studies and also let’s not neglect my bunnies πŸ˜‰
Bb has been growing up so quickly I just can’t believe it ! She’s so jumpy and tough like her daddy and lazy like her mummy HAHAHAHA


She’s the one laying inside . Pretty cute huh? Hehe don’t she just looks like her mummy ☺️

Anyway pictures of today’s “loots ” thanks to mummy yay!!!!



Thank you so much Mummy , Sammy & Daddy for today πŸ™‚ I love you all so much not forgetting Daniel too . I love you so much too πŸ™‚ thank you my family for making my day so bright and heart cosy today ❀️❀️
Well that’s all today folks πŸ™‚ hope you enjoyed my post despite my English I know I really need to brush up on that I still talk like a kid HAHAHAHA

Oh and also , do follow me on Instagram at @Lovethatexist !!! I’m more (okay somehow) active there & also I just made a song cover on my YouTube channel do check it out and support please I love u like and fav ok and also subscribe !!!!!

Thanks for reading !! X

Update : photos may be blurry idk about some of you tho I’m sorry I’m using my phone to blog hahaha


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