110513 Happy Mother’s Day.


Hi 🙂

Well currently it’s now 23:53 so technically it’s still Sunday so Happy Mother’s Day to all the mummies out there hahahaha.

Just wanna blog about how my day went today , It was pretty good I guess.

Woke up about 11+, Got up and made myself a cup of Forest fruit tea with a Packet of Hello Panda and another two packet of biscuits for my brunch , after that went to chill and watched Marvels Agent Of Shield Season one , I left one more episode ahhhhh so exciting !!! It’s a freaking good tv series everyone should watch it HAHAHAHAHA.

After that , cleaned up Maemae’s cage and spent some time with him , then I went grocery shopping with Sammy and got back home to do some light stretching , set up the cage , then went online to watch Hunger Games : Catching Fire . LIKE OH MY GOD I KEEP SPOILING MYSELF LIKE HAHAHAHAHA SPOILERS FOR ME FROM ME TO ME LMAO . I blame Wiki for that 😛

Waited for Mother to come back from her window shopping and then Ordered Pizza hut for dinner \^o^/

The delivery guy came around 8:30 which I was by then , grumpy as hell AND famished hahaha so I gobbled down two slice of pizza , some calamari and chicken wing and I was done for the day hehe .



We ordered Hawaiian classic & Singapore specialty or something omg I am such a bad record keeper fak ok sorry 😦

They gave us a bottle of pepsi too and also we added honey chicken wings and um calamari so yeah omg my english today tho it’s especially horrible oops x_x

Had grapes after dinner which after that I thought was too early to eat grapes because oily food + fruits in my tummy = I don’t think it was a good combination 😦 Bad choice sigh………

But well after that I had a quick cardio workout and took a shower and now here I AM HAHAHAHAHA.

I can’t wait for this week(It’s Monday now HAHAHA) , have so many plans for myself on getting better but hopefully I’m going to stick to it ugh

Hadn’t been doing really good for the past week but I’m getting better ………slowly

So here’s a throwback picture of me ok 🙂



I look like a fag LOL Excuse the pimples ok.

I hope Everyone’s upcoming week is gonna be great 🙂 ……………………

Well , Song of the week would be The Script – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved.

It’s kinda relates to my feels but I’m getting better I guess…….. “Well I’ll get better . “


I still think about you all the time .


Ig : @Lovethatexist

Youtube – http://www.youtube.com/user/gracesnoopy


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