Everything just reminds me of you so much more tonight .
The rain , the time we spent talking nonsensical stuff , the time we just sat beside each other while you were waiting for me to doll up , when you wore my clothes to sleep , when you told me you’ll be here for me even though I’m never able to speak my thoughts out to you because they will sound ruthless when spoken, the ” times when” moments while you brush my hair while whispering sweet nothing that sounded like melodies to my ears , times when I’m feeling so conflicted you’re always ever so patient and try to understand my silence , when we were comfortable in one another’s silence while ooVoo-ing each other , when you came to find and accompanied me right after your lion dance sesh , I still remember how much I know cycling means to you , how much you like eating chicken rice , and the time when you gave me your nasi lemak drumstick in exchange of my food , how much you make that cutesy yet sometimes maybe alil annoying sound while giving that face , when you taught me alittle of what you already knew on Muay Thai , how you would cover my ears when lightning appears and wait for the thunder to come after that , how you would fight for us even if the whole world was against us , how you would take care of me and my wellbeing whenever we go on dates or hangout and just chitchat , how you would always make the first move to show everyone that I’m yours , how you would make the effort to make things work out or try to make us work whenever I cock up one too many times , how you would put your arms around me to show that I’m undeniably yours and no one could snatch you away from me , how you always keep up on the effort of sending me text telling me so many things before you knock out from your bed , how your face and mood changes instantly whenever I say something mischievous or upsetting or anything for that matter , how much you knew that I really love panda and knew my favorite characters , I remembered your favorite color , the color of your eyes, the shape of your lips , the way your hand fits with mine , the way we move around , every little detail .

I also remembered one more .

Of how you’re still keeping things from the past .

And that , I’ll never ever forget .


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