It’s a really Good Thursday today 😀

  • Woke up an hour late but still arrived to school before the 30 minute grace period was over
  • Had a really good but absolutely fattening breakfast (bolognese spaghetti)
  • Wore jeans to school today but teacher closed one eye after listening to my explanation and let me off ^^ 
  • Finished my first workpiece ( one down , one more to go ! )
  • Didn’t cut or burnt myself today 🙂 
  • Had a good time with my classmates during lunch break and we played UNO in the library (didn’t won though but it was fun 🙂 ) 
  • Had a really good hair day 😀 😀 😀 
  • Weather today is really chilly I love it so much and so bad !!!!!
  • Finished my assignment and Class ended 15 minutes early
  • Had one too many ( REALLY TOO MANY T-T ) of sweets today 
  • 88 bus arrived quickly after I reached the bus stop 
  • Met Ryan in the bus , sat & chit chatted with him during the whole bus ride
  • Surprised he remembered my name because no one really remembers mine LOL 
  • Ate Redondo Wafer sticks ( Choc-Hazelnut flavored CURRENT OBSESSION BTW AND ITS RUINING MY DIET PLAN BC NO SELF CONTROL ) and some left over strawberry pocky’s from yesterday while watching Need for Speed 
  • Paused my movie just to blog about today because I thought , why not right ? It really is a beautiful day 🙂 
  • Oh and Guess who feels fat after eating snacks ? HAHAHAHAHAHAH ME OK 

Can’t wait for gym sesh tomorrow 😉



Till next time ,



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