36 People Reveal The Times They Were Trolled By Their Dad


Thought Catalog

My dad was never this clever. He would tell us funny stories, but he never really did anything funny, except the time he broke his ankle — but that was when he jumped out of a train. Listen, before you stop reading to comment, my dad is a short, fat, dumpy guy, but totally like a teddy bear. I love you dad. Don’t jump out of trains anymore, okay? If you’d like more ways you can troll like a dad, read the Reddit post here.

1. [deleted]

My family was hardcore about Christmas. They would tear up cotton balls and leave little trails of fluff in and around the chimney where Santa “snagged his suit.” They would climb onto the roof and hit it with a hammer and jingle bells and stuff for when the reindeer landed. Seriously, just way out there. Anyway, one year, they found out that…

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