Sometimes I wonder if you still think about me.
As odd as this may sounds, I miss hanging out with you a lot. There would be times when I’m out and I see things that made me think about you and how you would react to my lame ass jokes and I would giggle or grin at your witty responds. I still talk about you every so often.

But as days pass I feel you leaving me bit by bit and there is nothing much I can do to keep you around anymore. I’m not smart, skinny or pretty. I can never attract you like how other girls do because I’m not “your type of girl”. Neither will I ever change myself to suit your flavour and that is why I stayed by your side and became a friend you could toss away whenever and wherever you want.

You told me that I am still young, that I have a lot to learn and grow from and you’re absolutely right, but deep down, I really want to settle down and have a stable relationship with people and get my shit together but at the same time do what I love doing. One of it is hanging out with you. I missed you. Maybe you deciding that I wasn’t worth the attention was the end game and I…have no choice but to accept it. I just hope that someday you’ll find yourself missing me and we could just hang out and catch up and you’ll be proud of me, proud of who I would be in the (near)future. x


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