Today was hard.

Woke up feeling super stressed out and all I wanted to do was cry.
I found myself eating lesser than usual, having a lot more nightmares and blackouts occurring more often than I would want it to be. I am so unhappy. But I have no one I’m comfortable confiding in to share my thoughts without having the fear of being judged. Living every day is so tiring. I just want to leave this place, but where can I go?

Truth is, I am not as strong as people think. Physically, Emotionally or Mentally. I really am not. I really want to believe that I am, but I am not. I rely on people a little too much and when that happens, I back out. I am not brave. I am not good with attachment. I am not good at living.

I really do not want to sound like I am pitying myself, I really don’t. But……….I am losing hope. I just want to take a leap of faith and for once, do good for the people around me.


I wish…


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