{18•11•2017, 1:10am}

I have finally deleted our photos on social media and our conversations (except the text I wrote to you to remind to keep the promise I made to myself. )
I’ve yet looked through my photo album and delete our photos and that I’m still unable to find myself sleeping on my own bed but one day I’ll get there. I know I will. 
I’m not strong in this aspect of my life and that’s okay. I shouldn’t be so harsh on myself but learn to be patient with myself and that it’s okay to step back at times. 

” Just don’t let the waves consume you. “

I’m finally more at peace with myself. Not there yet, I still have my moments of flashbacks, but I’m very much calmer now. 

Time will heal me and you will never be able to penetrate my walls in my heart again. 

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