Honestly I’m really happy for the people around me that’s happy and doing good with their lives right now. ♥️ I truly, sincerely am.
I just wish this void inside me would be filled with something of my own…and I’m really glad that 2017 is done because it was the year of heartbreak, tears and overwhelming sadness. 

But on the more positive note, I have learnt to build myself back up and going overseas really helped me to focus on myself, on healing (not there yet but progress has been made). 

It also made me confirmed what I really want in life. I hope 2018 will be the year of drastic changes and loving myself more be it mentally, emotionally or physically (my soul is alr dead so no point HAHAHAHAHAH) . 

I would also wish to see myself being more positive, happy and calm. To be progressive and even more productive in my lifestyle. 

And of course try to post more here. (probably my LA/LV trip?) 
2017, you’ve been awful but a very big, impactful year for me…even though some days I wished that my birthday wishes for every year would come true. X


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